Why do we Struggle with Money? | How to Effortlessly Grow your Success, Money, Wealth & Prosperity

Why do we Struggle with Money? | How to Effortlessly Grow your Success, Money, Wealth & Prosperity

People Struggle with Creating Money!

People GO crazy behind their Finances & cannot create Freedom associated with Wealth.

Since the childhood we have been Programmed to always put Money First.

“Earn Money and then you are Secure!”

“Paisa Kama toh hi Zindagi Banegi”

“Paise kya Ped pe Ugte hai kya!?”

“Tu Paisa Kama hi Nahi sakta, Teri Aukad hi kya hai”

And many more Programming Patterns which get stuck in our DNA Patterns, Body-Mind Construct.

We get programmed with the constant Fear, Worry, Doubt revolving the Energy of the MONEY!

Our Mind creates Insecurities around the Finances which in turn causes Chaos, Confusion & Guilt within!

Till the end point of our Life, the only thing that goes behind our Mind is the Money.

We become a complete Miser unknowingly in this process.

The Money controls YOU instead of YOU controlling the MONEY!

We become strangers to our Own-Self!

But what If I tell YOU, Money should be the last thing on your Mind!

The Agitation revolving around the Money should be the most insignificant thing in this beautiful life!

Life has multiple dimensions. Life has to be enjoyed in the fullest possible manner!

And to enjoy the Life with the fullest capacity, you need the balance of Spiritual Awakening. You need the Power of your Navel to unlock all these Expansive Capacities hidden in yourself.

But to create this Prosperity itself you CANNOT rely only on the Mind or your Ancestral Patterns of Earning Money which are encoded in your DNA Blueprint or your Limited Education (heck we don’t even have proper Education for the Money) or your Past Experience.

So to unlock that Financial Freedom and Prosperity, you need to get Liberated from your Ancestral DNA Pattern first!

YES, you heard it right!

The New Science of Epigenetics tells us that WE are the Makers of our Genes and NOT the Victim.

Our Inner Body-Mind Chemistry can change with the Changing DNA, Emotions, Thoughts, Moods & Feelings!

But WE cannot directly work on them! 

You might have tried attending so many Self Help Training Workshops or have been practicing lots of Affirmations or Healing or Visualizations or Meditations or reading many Books, but it might have NOT given you the Long Lasting Transformation.

And that is why we need to undergo certain Specialized Process of the Siddhas & the Ancient Yogic Traditions which directly works on the Vibrations of the Self.

And this technology is nothing but the DNA Awakening with Sound, Frequencies & Vibrations (Nada Yoga – The Yoga of Inner Sound)

This DNA Awakening Process is a process which has been carried out since thousands of years in the Ancient India and still practiced today by Selected Masters!

Now the question is, Do you want to unlock your Financial Success & Money Blueprint?

If YES, watch this Video & Register for the DNA Awakening for Financial Success & Money Blueprint Masterclass from BodhMarga!

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Your Inner Intuition & Calling has been waiting to get healed & unlocked to experience the Oneness within but are you Courageous enough to take the FIRST STEP towards your Spiritual Awakening?

Register NOW for the DNA Awakening Money Sutra & Financial Success Blueprint for tapping onto your Financial Freedom!

Activate your DNA for clearing the financial & money blocks. Clear stuck emotional & mental patterns associated with Fear, Anger, Guilt, Doubt, Hatred and much more to live a LIFE of Freedom, Prosperity, Love, Joy & Conscious Awareness.

⚡ Do you know that your Ancestral DNA Pattern can determine your success or failure?

⚡ Most human beings have only ONE DNA Strand activated.

🌀 DNA Awakening helps you to elevate your growth from your Limited Genetic DNA to the Divine Universal DNA.

🧬 DNA Activation = Accelerated Spiritual Awakening

🧬 DNA Awakening can help you to change your Frequency from –

– Scarcity to Prosperity

– Illness to Wellness

– Effort to Effortlessness

If YES, then –

• Determine your Success Code with DNA Activation and experience Effortless Growth in your Health, Wealth & Relationships.

• Experience the Change in your DNA patterns which Enhances healing processes in the Physical, Mental & Emotional Levels.

🎥 This Webinar is Based on Sound, Epigenetic and Vedic Science Secret to Live a life of Clarity, Harmony in Relationships, Financial Success & to Remove Fear, Doubt, Anger, Depression & Confusion.

Since the decade, this secret code has changed 1,00,000+ lives

🧬 Awaken your Dormant DNA the Siddha’s Way yet Epigenetically.

💕 Accelerate your Spiritual Growth, Financial Stability, Harmony in Relationships & Well-Being in your Life.

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