Which Kind of Knowledge Becomes A Barrier to Spiritual Growth?

Bhogas can be signified as certain blockages or bondages that bind us with the ill effects of time, Karma, and sufferings. They can be anything which keep us away from reaching our soul, the higher-self and are probably events and situations which keep us busier, or stuck in the material world. Their main objective is to keep us away from realizing our truest self. Bhogas can be good as well as bad hence they can occur in forms of enjoyment, joy, and great opportunities too. In scriptures, the reason why Bhogas are represented as suffering is that they create an attachment to the physical realm (Maya). Every living being has to experience and go through their fair share of Bhogas, one cannot and will not be able to escape them unless they are experienced in the awakened awareness of one’s consciousness, that is, one can mitigate the effects of attachments, Bhogas and Karmas in the presence of a fully awakened self-realized being who is capable of transferring that Awakening to others. Without Awakening, one’s negative patterns, Karmic blockages, and attachments go on multiplying with every other provoking incident stopping one’s growth in various areas of life.


There are several types of Bhogas. Some Bhogas are such that, they make us time-bound, completely stuck, or attached to time (Kaala). Such Bhogas keep us busy in the realms of past and future. The experience of the present is completely missed out upon. Some seekers try to maintain present moment awareness through certain practices however, in real life, no matter how much one tries to tap into the present and live in the moment, it’s almost equivalent to impossible as the person feels either always burdened by the events happened in the past which operate directly on the person’s daily actions and decision making. Or the person is constantly feeling a sense of fear, apprehension, and uncertainty with regards to their future. In either of the cases, the past or the future keeps running them as it has completely grabbed their attention at all times.


Another type of Bhoga could be with respect to unconscious material attachments. The perception towards a particular thing or an idea or a concept becomes so elevated due to specific life events or experiences that the individual ends up giving too much significance and attention to it. For example- Having experienced poverty, one constantly thinks about money. Or, having experienced a lack of control over how others treat them, one feels the need to own power and property to increase social status. Or, having suffered from lack of love, one unknowingly indulges in constantly impressing others thus the sense of acceptance is driven by what others think of them. Or, seeing friends studying/ working in foreign countries are gaining more recognition in society, one goes on to live a life abroad simply to feel accepted.


On the other hand, Enlightened and Awakened individuals are not bound by time and material attachments at all. They are capable of cultivating an experience of seeing themselves separate from the worldly illusions and constraints and being able to carry out their life blissfully. Awakening allows a person to see time as it is, perceptive to every passing moment. Their past and future do not have control over their behaviours, decisions, and being. Many misinterpret ‘living in the moment’ as some sort of impulsiveness of behaviour towards living life. But a non-Awakened person is always bound by various negative forces of Karma, greed, and desires which keep on multiplying with age as life goes on. The actual experience of living in the moment is possible only to a person that has gone beyond the traps of past and future (time), which is possible through Awakening of the higher-self. This allows for a normal individual to connect the dots between the unconscious, subconscious, and conscious easily and live fully in the present. Awakening is the quickest process of converting the entire human experience into a liberating conscious living experience – not bound by effects of time, Karma, greed, and desires.


The teachings at Bodhmarga Foundation work directly on releasing ones Bhogas through the practice of transferring of Awakening, helping us mitigate their ill effects through the initiation in the Siddha Guru lineage. Beginning from Vitthal Nada Yoga Kriya, DNA Awakening, Navel Awakening, Shri Padmini Vidya to Haripath, Pasaydaan, Bodh Prakriya (Sudden Awakening Shibir), they have the tremendous power of cutting out various Karmik bondages, minimizing Bhogas, Sufferings through the direct transfer of Vidya.


In fact, the original meaning of Vidya is Gyaan or Wisdom obtained in the presence of a Guru or a Bodhi. An education which provides a blissful life experience and at the same time liberates us from our miseries can be called as Wisdom (Vidya). But today, the education being imparted across the globe unknowingly has been increasing and elevating the forces of Ignorance (Avidya). Imparting and receiving an education was always considered as a divine liberating experience, hence offered to the Goddess Saraswati, the dispeller of ignorance. But today, in the Kali Yuga, what is being sold as education in the name of Vidya is actually driving us towards Avidya. Education has become a commercial commodity and is viewed as a mere give and take, advantaged towards the privileged. It’s plainly consumption of outside knowledge restricting individuals to cultivate inner wisdom. Knowledge and Wisdom are of completely opposite natures. Knowledge is externally accumulated information but Wisdom is a state of being cultivated through one’s inner self or through the awakened consciousness. Vidya is AtmaGyaan (Wisdom of the self), and it is meant to liberate us from the detrimental effects of Karma, greed, desires, attachments, and time. The kind of education which increases our bondage to the material world and entangles us more to suffering, drives us towards ignorance (Avidya). Vidya is conscious of what is required for the body to liberate and will always guide us towards the release of Bhogas for the betterment of life.


Additionally, there is nothing wrong with consuming knowledge or reading lots of books. The problem occurs when one’s attention is completely grabbed by it, restricting one’s inner growth and potential to prosper. Such a person sees and understands the outside knowledge as the ultimate truth, which could stop him/her to move beyond the realms of simply knowing to the realm of actually experiencing it. After awakening and connecting with a Bodhi, wisdom which is required for our growth, automatically begins to flourish within, such is the power of Awakening. For it to be an automatic phenomenon, one has to learn to drop the external knowledge for the internal to thrive – which is easily taken care of when one has immense faith, certitude, and surrenderance towards the Guru Tattva. The secret to allowing this Wisdom (Gyaan) to flourish is very simple – continuous Satsang in the presence of a Bodhi. It is a phenomenon, where several come together to touch the inner truth. This allows us to connect with the essence of the most powerful source of all creation, the force of the Guru Tattva facilitating a continuous showering of wisdom and inner growth. Personally, the experience of a Satsang is often analogous to the experience of getting drenched under a fresh grace-like waterfall in the forest or walking bare feet in a garden full of freshly bloomed love-like flowers.


Jai Gurudev

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