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The Project Mauli

THE PROJECT MAULI initiative of Bodhmarga foundation is an attempt to reach out to and ensure well-being of every human being, family and society in all areas of life. It is an outcome of the deep understanding that love, compassion and sharing with all life forms is Oneness in action, i.e Advaita. The word “Mauli” means mother and it is the love of a mother which is the most supreme form of love that a human being is capable of. The word “healing” means “giving love” or “loving”. We know that the best healer to a baby is the mother. This is because of the unconditional love that the mother has for the child. Primarily, it is the healing touch of the mother which sees the child through during its formative years. Studies have revealed that the touch of the mother is important for the survival of the child. In fact, it is often noticed that if there is no love in the family, pets and even plants die.


This project is aimed at creating “Maulis”, who would pass on the benefits of the BodhMarga initiative to a wider spectrum of population through the medium of love, just as a mother nurtures and imparts life lessons to her off-springs in an atmosphere of unconditional love. In other words, the main intent of this project is to spread the epidemic of love around the Globe. It may be mentioned here that “Mauli” is a quality, which can be acquired irrespective of the gender involved. The only requirement is a strong willingness to positively impact the well-being of other people.


It cannot be emphasized enough that the root cause of all suffering in the world is lack of love. It is this lack which gives rise to various addictions, food cravings (and resultant obesity) and even depression. The struggle that one experiences in life and the constant seeking of attention i.e. outward-bound behavior are all due to lack of love. It is only when you love and accept yourself totally that you become capable of loving another.


Without love, one may continue to exist but the juice of aliveness is lost. Conversely, when one is filled with love, life just moves on effortlessly and arranges itself conducively around such a person, so much so that even finances are automatically taken care of. This may sound like a tall claim but this has been the experience of countless number of persons.


Love is the master-key to all our suffering-whether physical, mental, psychological or emotional. Further, in a state of love, awareness is a natural corollary as mind becomes less active. In such a state, all types of cravings and addictions disappear. One instinctively knows what is good for body and even eating becomes need-based rather than an act of compulsion.


When there is lack of love, we are susceptible to the onslaught of the alien vibrations. So the remedy for this is to restore love in our lives. In order to create love for and within ourselves, all that we have to do is to get rid of the barriers which we have created against ourselves. When we are in a state of love, we return to the basic vibrational state of “HARI”, thereby curing ourselves of whatever ailments we have attracted to ourselves.


“Maulis” will reach out to people and enable them to restore love in their lives.


Siddha Sound Therapy Or Vibrational Medicine:

This is aimed at balancing out one’s vibrational imbalances using sound therapy, while at the same time growing in meditation. Many people find it really difficult to start meditation/yoga practices due to bodily aches and pains, chronic illnesses and diseases. Sound Therapy is employed to ease these people of their chronic pains and diseases. It also aids in stilling the mind leading one to a meditative state.


It may be reiterated here that the basis of every state of mind and matter, including conditions of disease or health, is their primary state of vibration. As discussed earlier, diseases are a result of the natural resonances getting out of tune – whether due to stress, illness, anxiety, frustration, environmental factors such as noise pollution etc. Exposure to the healing sounds has a significantly positive impact on one’s physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.


The use of sound for spiritual ascension and general wellbeing is very ancient. In India, the NaathYogis were the pioneers in recognizing and using the therapeutic benefits of sound, light and vibrations. Now, this therapy is also on the frontiers of modern neuroscience. As per the Siddha philosophy, the therapists are not ordinary beings but are vaidyas, meaning one who is an evolved soul. They recognized the fact that through the medium of sound, even the intention, mood and positivity of the therapist is transferred to the recipient.

naad yoga

Vitthal Nada Yoga:

The very sound made by the word “Vitthal” leads the one who utters it to the inner world. In fact, Yogic Chanting has always been recognized as the first step towards meditation and spiritual growth. It also helps in maintaining health and well-being. In fact, recent research has indicated that chanting “Vit-TThal” loudly, while being in yogic posture, can lead to a stable heart rate, lower blood pressure, improved blood circulation, increased production of endorphins and aids metabolic process. Chanting can also help to focus the mind, which in turn alleviates stress levels. At BodhMarga, one is taught to chant Vitthala in a specific and accurate manner so as to derive maximum benefit from the emanating sound. This helps the person to remain rooted in his spiritual practice or sadhana.


It is noticed that just after a few minutes of chanting, one gradually develops similar sound vibrations within. Once this practice is continued for a longer time, one will be able to hear the anahata, or the inner sound. In the path of Vitthal Nada Yoga, one eventually goes within and communes with the deep inner sounds of the chakras, including the great AUM sound.

PanthaRaj Kriya Yoga or BodhKriya:

The Pantharaj Kriya leads the yogi to the realization of Advaita Vedanta. Oneness can only be experienced when duality is overcomed, which is possible only when our inner energy from ida and pingala enters into sushumna. Else, such an experience of oneness is impossible and it only remains a philosophical thought.


Although all forms of Yoga can take a sincere seeker to Self-realization, yet Sant Dnyaneshwara’s Pantha Raja Yoga is considered as the royal path and is the fastest one. It is an advanced Raja Yoga technique as it works directly on the inner life-force, leading the practitioner to a state of devotional love (Bhakti), which is a natural corollary to knowing and union. In fact, Sant Dnyaneshwar has termed this phenomenon as “Gyanottar Bhakti”

Friends, we once again welcome you to this DIVINE path of self-realisation !

Our Projects

Cleansing (Shuddhi), Stability (Sthairyatha), Equanimity (Samavartan) are the essential pillars to grow towards the Spiritual Awakening which helps us to eliminate the Sufferings (Bhogas), Genetic Patterns (Karmas), Desires & Attachments (Vasanas) in our life so that we can move towards the Detached State (Vairagya) in which we can achieve absolute Clarity & Intelligence (Viveka Buddhi).

This forms the essential pillars of BodhMarga Foundation!

BodhMarga Foundation has been conceived to ensure human well-being and growth, based on the profound and ancient teachings of Advaita Vedanta & SpandaShastra (Divine Science of Vibrations).

As per Advaita, “Bodh” means Awareness or Presence, which is the characteristic of Consciousness. The word “Marga” means path and in this case, it denote “the path to reach divinity”. Consciousness is all pervading and manifests itself in various life forms. Sant Dnyaneshwar has used the term “Bodhacha Pasara”, which translates as – “the world is an expansion of Consciousness”. Further, Sant Ramdas, the author of the well-acclaimed Advaita Vedanta Spiritual texts, DasBodh and Ashtavakra Muni of Ashtavakra Gita, has, throughout these texts laid special emphasis on “Bodh” i.e. Divine Awareness.

Journey of Life with BodhMarga Foundation –


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Now to move into these Essential Pillars, one needs to work on the Body (Annamaya Kosha), Mind (Manomaya Kosha) & the Energies (Pranamaya Kosha). The Journey for the remaining Koshas which are the Wisdom (Vijnanamaya Kosha) & Bliss (Anandamaya Kosha) takes care automatically with the GuruKrupa & Nada Yoga.

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The same journey can be easily correlated with the Ascension & Awakening of the Divine Mother Energy (The Kundalini) rising in oneself from the Muladhara Chakra to the Sahasrar Chakra. BodhMarga or any Authentic Spiritual Awakening Path is not about Chakra Activation or Healing but the Awakening happens automatically with the blessings of the GuruKrupa.

The entire world is going crazy behind such healing modalities of Chakra or Kundalini or Yoga or Meditation and so on, but in BodhMarga, we entirely discredit such harmful practices which lead to more Karmic Attachments & Bondages in one’s life!

The entire journey works on the cleansing of the Pancha-MahaBhutas which are the Five Great Elements. BodhMarga’s journey goes from Earth Element (Prithvi Tattva) to the Space Element (Akash Tattva).

We understand this in depth in our Spiritual Awakening Shibirs in which we focus on the Tattva Gyan which is the Experiancial Wisdom explained with the Essence of the Tattvas. In BodhMarga, we always say that if one has to experience any scripture, it has to be understood by the Tattvas. That is why we work in the practical realization of Gita & Dnyaneshwari with the Tattva Gyan which is GitaBodh – Understanding Gita as per Tattva Gyan, Dnyaneshwari & Nada Yoga.

Now coming back to the Spiritual Awakening Journey,

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Working on Body-Mind itself means to work on one’s DNA, Emotions, Thoughts, Moods & Vibrations. This is taken care with the Siddha Dhwani Chikitsa (Sound & Frequency Medicine / Vibrational Healing) & Sanskar Shuddhi Shibirs (DNA Awakening Shibirs) offered by BodhMarga Foundation. And later the stage to work with the Energies that is to connect with our own Navel (Nabhi Bindu) has to be taken care. After the Nabhi Bindu, we need to work on the Heart (Hridaya Kendra) which is the seat of Love, Compassion & Awakening.

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In BodhMarga, we work on the alignment of the Head-Heart-Hara. We cannot grow Spiritually if these three points are not in alignment. The head is the center of Thinking. The heart is the center of Feeling. The navel is the center of Sensing. And that is why need all the three Bindus in alignment which helps us to commit all our actions in our life with proper order meaning what we think, what we feel and what we do are in absolute Clarity.

Mahamarmas are the three major marma points of vital life force, or three major energy centers, located as Sthapati (head), Hridaya (heart) and Basti (navel) maha marmas.

BodhMarga journey starts from transferring Bodh to
1. Basti (Navel and DNA)
2. Head (Sthipati) by transferring Buddhi Yoga and then finally
3. Heart (Hridaya)

Alternatively we can also call these centers as the BHUKTI, BHAKTI & MUKTI or the RAM, KRISHNA, HARI Center. That is why the Logo of BodhMarga is represented by 3 Centers within the Bow and the Arrow of Life gets Successfully launched when all these 3 are in Alignment.

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In BodhMarga, we give tremendous importance to the great Siddha Teachings of Nada Yoga, Spanda Shastra & Ayurveda. And that is why we work with the divine Siddha Tools of Singing Bowls (Ghosh Pushpa or Ghosh Kundi). In the modern world, they are misconceptualized by Tibetan Singing Bowls or Himalayan Singing Bowls. But they are the inventions of the Siddha Nath Yogic Traditions attributing all the credits to Guru Goraknath. Since the last decade, BodhMarga & Wellness Vibe are the rare pioneers in Nada Yoga & makers of Handmade Singing Bowls. We make the Singing Bowls as per Ayurvedic Compositions & Guru Tradition.

Spiritual Awakening by BodhMarga Foundation is an attempt to reach out to and ensure well-being of every human being, family and society in all areas of life. It is an outcome of the deep understanding that love, compassion and sharing with all life forms is Oneness in action, i.e Advaita

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From the Dvaita which is full of Ego & Seperation Consciousness, we move towards our Transformation with the Awakening of the DNA, Navel & Heart which helps us to move towards the Advaita State.

Projects by BodhMarga Foundation –


• Project Mauli – Journey of Events for Spiritual Awakening

• BodhKirtan & BodhJagruti Satsang

• Bodh Gaushala with GauMata Wellness Sound Therapy

• Bodh Mandir & Bodh Ashram

• BodhSeva – Selfless Volunteering Project

• BodhSpanda – Sounds from BodhMarga

• AyurBodh – Siddha Ayurveda Treatment Center

• BodhShala – Nada Yoga School & Wellness Vibe Research Center

• BodhYatra – The Sacred Parikrama Journey

• BodhWari – The Inner Parikrama Journey

• BodhSanskar – Women, Children & Youth Empowerment Programs

• BodhVidya – Spiritual Leadership & Entrepreneurship

• BodhVani – Spiritual Awakening Radio & Podcast

Events & Activities Covered Under BodhMarga Foundation –

• Sound Therapy Masterclass with Ayurveda

• DNA Awakening – Unlock your Genetic Success Code & DNA Blueprint

• Navel Awakening – The Lost Ancient Yogic Secret

• Train The Trainer – Become a Happiness & Spiritual Coach

• Nada Yoga Teacher Training Course

• Intense Awakening Miracles Retreat

• Bodh – Prakriya with Sudden Awakening Shibir

• Practical Realization of Gita and Jnaneshwari with Advaita Vedanta Teachings as per Siddha Parampara

• Haripath and Pasaydaan Shibir with SpandaShastra, Nada Yoga and Kriya

• Gyanottar-Bhakti Movement with Kirtan as per Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Lineage

• Spiritual Shibirs in Vedantic, Yogic Scriptures with Ayurveda

• Society Welfare Projects such as Mass Nada Yoga and Siddha Sound Therapy sessions at different Communities, Schools and Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, NGOs, Corporates etc.

We invite you to join this Spiritual Awakening Path with BodhMarga Foundation. To know more you can visit us on www.bodhmarga.org or simply call us on +918080808455.

Redefine what is possible in your life through the Spiritual & Divine Teachings of BodhMarga Foundation as per Advaita Vedanta & Yogic Principles. BodhMarga conducts array of Spiritual Events, Self – Transformation Workshops focusing on the Awakening of the Self.

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About BodhMarga Foundation –

• BodhMarga Foundation is committed to achieving human well-being, by sharing tools and methods to enable them to reclaim their basic nature of Love & Bliss. Realization of Dnyaeshwari & Gita through Advaita Vedanta Teachings as per Siddha’s and Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Lineage with Nada Yoga & Kriya.

• We propound the message of Gyanottar-Bhakti through Siddha Kirtan & Bhajan as per the Tradition of Saints of Maharashtra.

• Our main aim is to free people from the trap of ignorance and bring them on the path of Awareness, Devotion & Wisdom.

About Wellness Vibe –

• Wellness Vibe hosts life-transformational seminars based on ancient esoteric & scientific practices. We provide meditation soundtracks for transforming people’s health & well-being through sound, frequencies & vibrations.

• Wellness Vibe conducts workshops & retreats across the world on where we work on removing patterns, fears and stuck emotions using the ancient esoteric practices and correct sound frequencies. This empowers the participants with methods and abilities to remove all road blocks and attain peace, prosperity and success. After attending to our workshops, many people have seen a dramatic shift in their consciousness, career, finance, relationship, health and many other aspects of life.

About Nada Yogi Vibhushri –

• Empowered by Nada Yoga and immersed in devotion, Vibhushri has carved his path to the Inner Self and continues to help people in their spiritual well-being. He is a pioneer in sharing the ancient art of Sound Therapy in India. He has helped many people recuperate from their physical, mental, and emotional turmoil by harnessing the power of sound therapy.

• Academically he is an Engineering graduate and have completed Executive Management from IIT Bombay. He has worked with corporates at senior positions in his career. After a near death accident, he initiated his mystical journey and thus founded Wellness Vibe & BodhMarga Foundation for conducting workshops and retreats around the world to awaken people in their spiritual journey. He is the creator of ‘PowerBrain’ music tracks, exclusively designed for holistic healing.

• With Vibhushri propounding the philosophy of ‘Synergy and Flow’ with the universe, his unique workshops on DNA and Navel Activation, Spiritual Discourses on Gita & Dnyaneshwari and Yogic Practices derived from them have positively transformed many lives. He has been awarded by the Times Group for his exceptional work in Music and Sound Therapy.

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