The Power of Your Inner Cave – The Navel

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

– Joseph Campbell


The treasures we commonly seek in our lives could be idealized by several factors – being fearless, having crystal clear clarity, unaffected by stress or anxiety of everyday hassles, feeling connected rather than lost, being calm yet confident, and having a sense of abundance and freedom to be able to achieve our goals and dreams. Yet somehow, universally, people seem to struggle at all levels to meet even their basic requirements, as they miss the key connection with their cave – the Navel.


The greatest secret revealed to us by Siddha Masters is – Within our Navel lies the solutions to all our problems. Our navel is the gateway to our higher self, to the higher consciousness which is directly connected to the cosmic intelligence. Rather than human intelligence, cosmic intelligence is more aware, receptive and powerful when it comes to steering our way through life.


What successful professionals don’t tell us is that they trust their gut more than their intellect. Their decision making is driven by their ‘Gut instincts’ otherwise known as intuition. Every idea originating from the mind goes through the approval of their intuition.

Why do you think the Gut has so much weightage? The reason is –

NAVEL is the greatest source of clarity, courage, rootedness, stability and inner strength!

We have a tough time listening to our Gut because of our overactive & obsessive mind. Because, our Navel is not established enough leading to a misalignment in our Head-Heart-Navel equilibrium. And this is the main cause of many doubts, failures, fear, anger, frustration, guilt, conflicts, sufferings and even illnesses.


Since childhood, mass training and programming have taken a very degenerative turn; that is the child’s entire attention is being focused upon the brain – the qualities of cognition, logic, reasoning, thinking, planning, etc. The overall perception towards life itself has been encapsulated by the actions and qualities of the brain, completely leaving out other possibilities of living a fruitful life. The catch is, we try to find the qualities of the Navel, in our brain completely missing out on the fact that certain attributes cannot be directed by the brain.


Society has also recently normalized the concept of a ‘contracted tummy’ – that is, the idea that one’s body looks good when the tummy’s flat. These days, how healthy one looks or feels usually is derived from how flat one’s tummy looks. This is a serious cause of shallow breathing, which although might not seem a big issue, but is one of the biggest blunders of society. When one’s breath itself is not at ease and not reaching to the depths of the navel, this can be the cause of several dis-eases and disorders. Society has become handicapped simply because the connection with the Navel is broken, and the entire responsibility of mankind has been thrown upon the brain. Due to over-thinking, constant evaluative nature, reactive-obsessive behaviour, one develops a sense of emergency- a fight-or-flight response (always-on-toes phenomenon), insecurity, fearfulness, lack of energy, and lack of control or freedom. As the Bhagwat Gita says, ignoring the navel, when one enters and incessantly ponders in the realm of mind and logic, invariably creates a battlefield within, called ‘Kurukshetra’.


According to the Yogic perspective, all manifestations in the material world are a reflection of the vibrations in our Navel. The brain will operate according to the vibrations present in the Navel and in one’s DNA. Basically, our thoughts are a reflection of the vibrations within. If the vibrations of fear are predominant in the Navel, no matter how one tries to train their mind to become courageous, one’s actions will be anxiety-driven. However, in the Siddha tradition, numerous Nada Yogis for centuries have worked upon the process of Navel Awakening, in which, various negative patterns, Karmik blockages and accumulations from the Navel are released or cleansed. Siddha Yogis or Bodhis, connected through a powerful Guru lineage, get the authority to transfer the Awakening & wisdom of the Navel to the masses.


Bodhmarga Foundation exclusively works intrinsically upon the Navel Awakening of the masses. The presence of a Bodhi is more than enough for the Awakening to take place, after which; one begins to experience tremendous transformation in numerous areas. Unnecessary blockages, persisting stubbornly for years get released within a moment, allowing people to experience the real beauty of life.


After all, life will continue to throw lemons at us, difficult situations and problems shall arise. But the difference is, an awakened navel is capable of cultivating stability, rootedness, peace and bliss within, irrespective of external situations. And eventually, one begins to experience a sense of contentment, connection with the self, energy, freedom, inner bliss, unconditional love and happiness in all areas of life, be it – career, finances, health and relationships. Looking at the current needs and trends of the masses, Navel Awakening is the new movement of the 2020 generation. The Quarantine period has arrived as a newer possibility for all, to go within. Those who have experienced their Navel Awakening can share that, everything that we are looking for can be found in this beautiful cave that lies right within us, in our navel which is the unlimited source of all material and spiritual possibilities, above and beyond.


Jai Gurudev.

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