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✅ Learn the Evolutionary BrahmaNada Kriya – a Bio-Voice Tuning Technique

✅ Application of Singing Bowls as per the Siddha Tradition

✅ Fundamentals of Ayurveda : PanchaMaha Bhutas

✅ Fundamentals of Ayurvedic Tri-Doshas

✅ Learn more than 6+ Self Healing Techniques for Individuals & Family

✅ Learn Sound Therapy for Self Awakening, Meditation & Yoga

✅ Self Healing Techniques for Healing Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Disorders

✅ Healing with Siddha Singing Bowls

✅ Why Singing Bowls are utilized in Healing & Ancient Ayurvedic Traditions

✅ Learn to Play Different Types of Singing Bowls

✅ Self Cleansing, Detox and Self Healing

✅ Various illnesses healed by Sound Therapy using Ayurveda

✅ Learn Kansa Wand Ayurvedic Massaging Technique

✅ Learn to Use Various Sound Bath Instruments

🌬️ Details about BrahmaNada Kriya (BioVoice Tuning Technique) –

Do you know?

💕 Your Own Voice can become a Healer & create Harmony for other?

💎 Your Own Voice can attract Success & Prosperity?

🧬 Your Own Voice can improve your Emotional, Hormonal & Mental Wellness?

BodhMarga Foundation introduces the revolutionary BrahmaNada Kriya – BioVoice Tuning Technique

• a Revolutionary Nada Yoga Kriya to help tune your Voice to create Authority & Sustained Success.

• Removes the Frequencies of Failure, Stuck Patterns, Complaints, Anger, Anxiety, Depression etc from your Voice

• It helps you to tune your Voice with your Singing Bowls which in turn tunes it with the Planetary Frequencies & Universal Energies

• It creates a Special Connection with your Singing Bowl which allows you to develop Intimate Connection with the Bowl. This allows the Singing Bowl to understand your Consciousness and provides immediate Dynamic Transformation according to your Day-to-Day Needs.

• It helps you to balance your Internal Masculine & Feminine Energies and clears the blocks from the Navel.

• With this Kriya your voice starts to come from your Navel

• You automatically start to do Deep Belly Breathing (Yogic Breathing) instead of Chest Shallow Breathing.

• This Kriya helps to create more Oxygen in the Body

• Regulates the flow of Hormones in the Body

• Helps to Regulate Blood Pressure & Circulation in the Body. Reduces Muscle Tension & Overall Stress from the Body-Mind.

• Helps you to achieve Effortless & Thoughtless Meditation

• Enhances Mental Clarity, Immunity & Well-Being

• Decreases Mental Fog, Confusion & Conflicts

📍 Learn this Kriya in Level 2 Sound Therapy Masterclass along with the Self Healing, Cleansing Techniques with the Ayurvedic Fundamentals.

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