The literal meaning of Shuddhikaran is purification/cleansing/freedom from defilement etc. Generally, when we say Shuddhikaran, we understand it as eating specific types of foods, following certain rules of conduct, following certain auspicious rituals or avoiding inauspicious things/people/circumstances etc.

However, as per BodhMarga philosophy, Shuddhikaran is not of the outside factors, but of the vibrations within our own body.


It is a misconception that cleansing has to be from the outside-in. Rather, it happens inside-out and starts at the level of vibrations, which in turn have a direct bearing on the emotional/mental/energetic levels of a person.


Every individual vibrates at a certain frequency at a given point of time, which may vary depending on his mental, emotional, physical and energetic state. To begin with, we inherit from our ancestors not just physical attributes like color of hair, facial features, body structure etc but also their manner of thinking, patterns relating to behavior/relationship etc. This may happen knowingly or unknowingly. For example, if any of our ancestors has been a victim of insult, then the frequency of insult may be carried forward to us and it may manifest in us as fear of conflict.


Apart from this inheritance, we acquire vibrations from the various accumulations that we have gathered along the way in the form of our conditionings and tendencies (sanskars) and knowledge acquired from the world around us through books, experiences, media, social groups, family etc.


Thus, our basic vibration gets hidden or superimposed by the various vibrational frequencies inherited from our ancestors and the ones that we gather during the course of our life journey, as discussed above. Due to this, we are not in resonance with the higher intelligence and so have no access to it.


The outside situation (whether relationships, financial situation etc) is always a direct reflection of the vibrational frequency existing within us. For example, a depressed person will always attract situations that match his own vibrational frequency in the form of  inauspicious food/people/circumstances.


So, the first step is to correct the vibrations within the body so as to bring them in alignment with the higher intelligence. This will purify not just the physical system (body) but also the emotional/mental system. Shuddhikaran is the first step in the journey of ascension.


For that, we have to observe ourselves, become sensitive to the vibrations arising in the body at various points of time and circumstances. With practice, we would be able to detect the vibrations that are alien (unusual) to our basic state. This is called ‘tuning in’ or ‘being in resonance’.


It is said that “Seeing is liberating”. The moment we are able to detect the ‘alien’ vibrations(whether inherited/acquired/cultivated/induced) and consciously relax them, they begin to disappear and what remains is our basic state, which is always in tune/resonance with the cosmic vibration/higher intelligence or whatever name we choose to give it. Paradoxically, when such acquired vibrations dissolve, the outside circumstances start to automatically fall in place, without any ‘fixing’ required on our part.



Activities in Shudddhi –

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