Q&A with Nada Yogi Vibhushri

“One grows to become aware of the sensations, frequencies, thoughts, and emotions that they are experiencing,” says Nada Yogi Vibhushri


This interview is an excerpt from the Thriive’s Q&A Session for Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences, 2019. Watch the above video for the entire discourse with Nada Yoga, Sound Therapy & Bhakti Immersive Experience.

A renowned Nada Yogi and Sound & Frequency Therapist, Vibhushri (Rivesh Vade) has helped thousands of people, around the world, find relief from physical, mental and emotional issues through sound healing. He has founded Wellness-Vibe & BodhMarga Foundation and also created PowerBrain Music Tracks for Holistic Remedies and Sound Health. Rivesh Vade, in his session with singing bowls, guide us to very deep levels of relaxation to enable us to amp up our decision-making power.

Q) When did you realize that Nada yoga and sound therapy is the right calling for you?

Answer: Sound therapy takes care of external healing or harmony and Nada Yoga takes us within, that is, the ‘Yoga of Internal Vibrations’. Sound has always held a significant presence in my life, right from childhood up till now, during illness to wellness. But it was only in 2012 when I realized the miraculous power of sound, that’s when I had the calling! This was right after I came across a near-death accident and a sudden shift took place in my life. Without a second thought, I started conducting Sound Therapy sessions for people all around the globe and we could miraculously cure several health issues, mine as well as others. As per ‘The Spandashastra – The Divine Science of Sound’, we are continuously exposed to a number of disturbing frequencies from our surroundings which stop us from growing spiritually. Through Sound therapy, we release these very impurities, negative emotions or patterns, also called ‘Sanskaras’, and that is when the internal sound, ‘The Sound of the Universe’ or ‘Nada’ begins, thus called Nada Yoga. Both have tremendous benefits, but the most important of all, there’s massive spiritual growth that follows.


Q) How has this journey shaped your life?

A: In 2001, the time when I was thoroughly engulfed in the corporate world, I had my first encounter with the most divine instrument. Swami DamodarNathji introduced me to Singing Bowls and I was thoroughly taken aback by the great wonders this simple-looking bowl could do! But I was too busy with my cooperate job to realize its power and divinity then. After my near-death accident in 2012, through the revelations of The Spandashastra – I began applying this knowledge to deal with my issues and witnessed miraculous shifts within myself as well as others who would receive this therapy. We could help cure various life-threatening chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Heart and Blood Pressure related illnesses, any pain even, early stages of cancer and mental disorders such as severe Anxiety, Depression, Autism and so on. 2015 was the year when I came across a revelation that I must stop using sound for healing and was guided to use it for spiritual growth. To describe it in simple words, it’s as if I had been given a distinctive tool having a higher purpose, but I’d been using it for trivial, less significant motives. Of course, sound healing is noble but its power can be utilized only to a certain extent when it comes to healing. I gradually began growing towards Bhakti, which is devotion. This is one of the most phenomenal aspects of Sound I’ve experienced so far.


Q) What shall be the points of the Nada Yoga & Mass Sound Therapy?

A: Well, my focus will be on how Nada Yoga helps in growing awareness by removing all the stuck negativity and ancestral patterns within. To achieve this, we’ll be using the Mass Sound Therapy which involves healing the body, mind, and heart to improve the aura collectively and keep our emotions and energies balanced, to bring clarity, contentment, peace, and happiness in life. Once this is done, we become available to higher grace.


Q) How has this path transformed you as an individual?

A: I had been a restless being all my life; consistently overthinking and getting annoyed at petty reasons were my forte. But the day I began my journey towards the path of awareness, it has dramatically transformed me to the core. By each passing day, it’s become easier for me to sustain my level of awareness and petty things don’t hold a reign over me. A wise man once said, “Many have had glimpses of their deaths while they are still alive; a sort of an awakening that they experience, but what they do after such an experience holds significance.” For me, I took this as a sign. After my accident, I quit my corporate job and instantaneously started sharing the knowledge that I’d miraculously acquired over time. It’s an experiential phenomenon that has definitely transformed mine as well as thousands of other participants’ lives in numerous areas.


Q) How can our readers incorporate this practice in their daily life?

A: Today, science approves that calmness of mind is of great importance and all our masters including Buddha have used sound for not just calming themselves but to grow in awareness. Unfortunately, several misinterpret Buddha’s singing bowl as a begging bowl; clearly, that is not the case. As I mentioned above, in order to fasten our spiritual growth, we need to let go of unnecessary frequencies that have control over us. A singing bowl is the best tool for releasing the same. And if at all you wish to enhance your meditative state, the calmness of mind and body, Nada Yoga will work wonders for you. One grows to become aware of the sensations, frequencies, thoughts, and emotions that they are experiencing which is the first step towards enlightenment.


Q) Is there any one incident that you would like to share with us?

A: Usually, when you don’t like/enjoy something or if a situation doesn’t go as planned, it affects your mood, your actions and so on. I see people every day struggling to do a job, to maintain relationships, etc. in my case; I experience an unusual amount of serenity and divinity in life or whatever task I’ve committed to. This is a miracle in itself! Another special mention would be – Nada Yoga didn’t come into the picture until much later in my life but it gradually revealed itself while practicing Sound therapy. Further, it allowed me to move towards Bhakti or devotion. Without having any professional training in music, playing ‘Ektaar’ and singing ‘Bhajans or Kirtans’ effortlessly was an unexpected occurrence, music began flowing through me like the gushing river and at an instant; the devotion would carry me in a transcendental state. And for this, all the credit goes to Nada Yoga.


Q) What message would you like to give our readers?

A: The only message I want to deliver here is, just like Buddha, Jesus and many other highly evolved saints like Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj or Masters like Osho we’ve witnessed throughout centuries, all of us have the scope to grow spiritually and raise our vibrations. Through Sound therapy and Nada Yoga, many have begun their beautiful journeys towards ‘The Inner Self’ and I encourage the entire humanity to commence working on the same.
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