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Pasaydaan – Ultimate Way to Grow Spiritually

What is Pasaydaan? The Divine Prayer

In his brief lifetime, Jñaneshwar Maharaj, (1275-1297), the great and favourite Maharashtrian saint, shared with the world some of the most inspired and beautifully written devotional and philosophical compositions ever known. He is the author of the Haripath Abhangas (unbreakable devotional poems). The Haripath consists of a series of 28 ecstatic musical poems or Abhangas which repeatedly praise the value of chanting of God’s names, describe the countless benefits to be gained, and gives us many insights into the correct way to live a spiritual & material life, a life immersed in the blissful presence of this divinity whom Jñaneshwar calls Hari, Vitthal, Panduranga, and our own Self.

The Pasaydaan was composed as the last verses of Dnyaneshwari
(Chapter 18, 1794 – 1802) for asking the blessings from the Vishwatmak Dev (Universal Consciousness and from Dnyaneshwar Maharaj’s Spiritual Guru Nivruttinath.

Pasay – प्रसाद – Offering to the God, Dan / Daan – Donation – That which is for benefit of those deserving.

Pasaydaan, one of the most wonderful blessings asked to the Almighty God by Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj.

Saint Dnyaneshwar Maharaj is regarded as one of the most respected saints in the entire world who has managed to combine the Advaita Vedanta Teachings with the experience of Love, Devotion & Bhakti.

He at the age of mere 16 years, completed the authority scripture of “Bhavarth Deepika” better known as “Dnyaneshwari” (composed in 9000 ovis or stanzas), where he elaborated the sacred scripture of Bhagwad Gita in Prakrit Marathi language in Maharashtra.

Along with that he elaborated the experiences of Yogic & Vedic Scriptures, Upanishads & Hindu Sanatan Dharma in Dnyaneshwari.

Not only that but he combined all the secrets of Siddha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga & Tantric Practices as he belonged to Nath Tradition from Guru Gorakhnath lineage.

Dnyaneshwari is considered as the greatest masterpiece in Marathi literature.

At the end of which Dnyaneshwar Maharaj asks for the blessings of the Almighty through this Pasaydaan (9 ovis/stanzas) which is considered as the summary of Dnyaneshwari.

That itself tells us that Pasaydaan is the essence of all the scriptures there is, be it Yogic, Vedic or Tantric.

Thus Pasaydaan is the fastest way to grow in Bodh which is the Divine Awareness which helps us to get one with the Universal Consciousness.

Practicing Pasaydaan helps one to grow Spiritually & the person’s Awakening journey can possibly begin.

It helps one to remove all the dense Vibrations (Vasana) & negative patterns from the Mind which helps one to attain peace of mind, clarity, stability & compassion.

Further it tells us to practice 5 Qualities –
1 – Kshama (Forgiveness)
2 – Arjav (Simplicity)
3 – Tosh (Contentment)
4 – Daya (Compassion)
5 – Satya (Truth)

Thus BodhMarga Foundation is propounding the path of Gyanottar-Bhakti, where the correct Gyan has to be achieved. Only after that the practice of Bhakti can ascend towards the Ultimate Flowering.

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Bodh-Wari : The Inner Pilgrimage

BodhMarga Foundation is introducing a unique concept of ‘Bodh-Wari’, a practical step by step realization of Gita & Dnyaneshwari.

This lecture series is designed to elevate you to the next level of Consciousness and Self-Realization so that you will reach to your Inner Being & Find Your True Purpose with a vision of universal prosperity and well-being.

The Lecture series includes the teachings of Advaita Vedanta as per Siddha’s with the ultimate experience of Bhakti with Siddha Kirtans as per Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Lineage.

Learn the secret and evolutionary Nada Yoga as per Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Lineage (Nath Tradition) for Awakening the Divine Love, Awareness & elevate your Spiritual Growth as explicitly mentioned in the Dnyaneshwari.

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