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Our Philosophy

Welcome, dear friends, to a much-deserved journey to the heaven of your own self !  Towards that all-pervading presence, in which resides love, stillness, exuberance and intense aliveness!

All over the globe, across Continents and amidst all diversities – national, gender, racial and religious – human beings are in a state of suffering. There is turmoil and stress writ large on people’s faces. Despite immense technological and economic advancements, there has been no respite in this suffering. In fact, statistical data shows that drug and alcohol abuse, depression, insecurities, violent outbursts etc are comparatively more prevalent in developed countries like USA.

Coming to India, despite over 5000 years of rich and vibrant cultural heritage, diversity in the form of four major religions, about 22 scheduled languages and various dialects, fastest growing economy and commendable contribution to the world in the field of Science, Arts, Agriculture, Information Technology, Medicine and Spirituality, still there is misery all around. People are struggling with various types of stress – financial, mental, physical and emotional.

“Suffering is a human invention, being of psychological origin. It is not perceived in other life forms”.

The second fact is –

“Respite from suffering is possible and the key to this outcome is within each one of us. Only a shift of perception is required”.

Meet our community


BodhMarga Foundation is a Registered Charitable Trust, which is committed to achieving human well-being, by sharing tools and methods to enable them to reclaim their basic nature of Love and Bliss. It is our endeavor to uplift human beings and ensure their well-being in all areas of life – better physical health, stable stress-free mind, better emotional health and exponential spiritual growth, so as to attain to that much desired state of Samadhi (equanimity of intellect) – a state where one remains calm, rooted and composed in extreme situations of happiness and sorrow. The Foundation is a non-political and non-religious organization, which aims atimparting this knowledge/skill without any discrimination, whatsoever,on the basis of religion, caste, nationality, locality, gender etc. The Foundation is also in the process of soliciting corporate participation, through their Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, so as to ensure that the benefits of the BodhMarga perspective reach a larger segment of the population.


This foundation is being spearheaded by Shri. Rivesh Vade, a renowned NadaYoga expert and a Master in Sound and Frequency.The readers who are not well-acquainted with him may kindly refer to the brief description of his antecedents and the details of the work undertaken by him so far.


It is our endeavor to empower every being, irrespective of (and without prejudice to) their individual religious ideologies, social and economic status and gender, to reclaim their original state of love, bliss and harmony– which are the precursors to an exuberant, abundant and effortless life.


Bodhmarga Foundation has been conceived to ensure human well being and growth, based on the profound and ancient teachings of Advaita and SpandaShastra (science of vibration in lay terms). As per Advaita philosophy, “Bodh”means awareness or presence, which is the characteristic of consciousness.The word “Marga”means path and in this case, it denote “the path to reach divinity”.


Consciousness is all pervading and manifests itself in various life forms. Sant Dnyaneshwar has used the term “BodhachaPasara”, which translates as – “the world is an expansion of Consciousness”. Further, Sant Ramdas, the author of the well-acclaimed Advaita Vedanta Spiritual texts, Das Bodh and Ashtavakra Gita, has, throughout these texts laid special emphasis on “Bodh”  i.e. awareness. Another term which has been often used is “Bhavsagar”, which literally means “the sea of things ever happening”. Consciousness is not just all pervading but it is ever expanding, it is a continuous state of creation. Creation propagates itself. The nature of the manifested state is continued maintenance of duality, whether it is life forms or life situations and the consequent reactions. Once we grow in awareness (“bodh”), there is bound to be proportionate freedom from karma, suffering and bhavsagar. In the Siddhayoga lineage, the term “Bodh” is also used for initiation purposes.


As per the Bodhmarga perspective, at any given point of time, there are two states of being possible for an individual – IGNORANCE (Avidya) and AWARENESS (Bodh).


This is a state of inertia, an auto pilot state, where life is the result of past conditionings and tendencies. Such an individual is never rooted in the present moment, but is always attracted to and oscillates between the PAST or the FUTURE. His/Her life is, therefore, bound in a limited field of his own memories (past) or imagination (future) thereby bypassing the present (real) moment, which is a repository of universal abundance. Thus, such a person operates out of fear on account of the limitedness of his/her perception and lives a predictable life. Such a state of being reflects great ignorance.


Contrary to the state of ignorance, this is a state of being anchored in the present moment and getting connected to the universal abundance, i.e. COSMIC ENERGY.





At the outset, it may be reiterated that the Foundation does not intend to propagate any religious beliefs and practices and aims at achieving  the desired objectives through the following modes :-

  • Optimum utilization of the therapeutic healing powers of Sound and Frequencies, Yoga, Ayurveda, Nada Yoga and Kriya Yoga.
  • Re-instilling the qualities of gratitude and devotion, not towards a particular idol or faith, but towards the very process of life itself, which can be termed as “The Higher Self/Cosmic Intelligence” for better understanding. In other words, our aim is to help individuals to “tune in” with their Higher Self, which is a repository of Love and Harmony.
  • Invoking the feminine aspect of creation and, in particular, the feminine energy lying latent within each one of us. For, it is the gradual destruction of the feminine aspect that has led to so much strife and struggle, both within and without.
  • Reclaiming the feminine aspect will lead to balancing of Ida and Pingala energies in the system. Once this balance is achieved and Love becomes our basic nature, space is created for the inflow of abundance in every sphere of our lives, including physical health, financial, mental and emotional. Spiritual ascension will be a necessary by-product of such a state of being.
  • By Yoga, we don’t mean the new-age gym-style yoga schools that have mushroomed all over the Globe, but the authentic yogic principles laid down by great masters like Sant Shiromani Dnyaneshwar Mauli, Mahavatar Babaji, Advaita masters, Naath-Siddha Yoga Masters and inspired by the teachings of many evolved masters.
  • Raising and expanding one’s state of AWARENESS and remaining rooted therein, thereby dropping the pre-programmed ancestral patterns, habits and perceptions, which prevent access to the present moment, resulting in the individual sleepwalking through the process of life by operating within the narrow boundaries of the memories of the past or imagination of the future.With awareness, one accesses the COSMIC ENERGY, i.e. the DIVINE LIGHT, which removes all cellular patterns.
  • Since AWARENESS is CONTAGIOUS, it is not just the individuals themselves who are benefitted but even other people who are associated with such an individual begin to reap some of the benefits in the company of such heightened state of consciousness. A person who is in a state of equanimity automatically has a transformative effect on his/her surroundings – family, friends, colleagues etc. In fact, by merely listening to the voice or the music played by the SIDDHA MASTERS, the frequencies that hold us back from being rooted in the present moment,get replaced by DIVINE FREQUENCIES (Rasas) of the SIDDHA MASTERS.
  • The use of certain TOOLS&TECHNIQUES along with NADA YOGA to get in tune with the COSMIC ENERGY.
  • Apart from ensuring the wellbeing of the individual in all areas of life, it is our endeavor to reach out to a wider spectrum of population by creating “Maulis” or Mothers, who would spread the requisite healing tools and techniques in an atmosphere of unconditional love. (More details on this matter is being provided later).
  • Special focus is being directed towards empowering women, especially the ones pertaining to the less privileged or  weaker economic/social background, divorced/single/widows etc.

Friends, before welcoming you again to this divine path of self-awareness, here’s a brief introduction to one of the lesser-known tools employed by us to achieve the desired objectives – NADA YOGA. Also, included thereafter are brief notes about Shri. Rivesh Vade, the founder of the Bodhmarga Foundation and the PROJECT MAULI initiative of the Foundation.



All of Creation, as we perceive it, operates on certain principles. Just as there are physical laws which govern the tangible objects, there are certain universal principles which govern the intangible aspect of creation, viz. situations and events, state of being etc. Physical laws fall within the realm of scientific discovery as their effects are perceivable through the sense organs. However, this is not so in the case of the intangible aspect of creation.


Today, Quantum Physics has proved that there is no concept such as solid matter. All of creation is nothing but vibrations of varying frequencies. The American scientist, Nicholas Tesla has famously stated as follows :-


If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”.


The ancient Indian Yogis have always said that the source of creation is Naad (Sound) i.e. Vibration, whether it is a stone, plant, animal or a human being. Everything in this universe is ENERGY. All energy is some kind of VIBRATION.And all vibration is SOUND (audible or inaudible).All this sound has originated from one sound – COSMIC ENERGY.


This sound is self-emerging, unlike the sound which arises when two objects collide eg. soundcreated by musical instruments, clapping of hands, talking etc. Sound so created on account of collusion of objects is called AHAD NAAD.Whereas, sound which is self-emerging is called ANHAD NAAD.This sound is ETERNAL i.e. has no beginning and no end. Listening to this ANHAD NAAD consciously is called NAAD YOGA.


Unfortunately, human beings have become so identified with the form (the physicality) that their connection with the source (Naad) is severed. The fact that the form is perishable has little effect on such steadfast identification with the physical form. This delusion is aided by the so-called superior brain apparatus of human beings, which is so overactive that it keeps the individual lost in its web of mind activity, comprising of thoughts. Thoughts are nothing but a product of past conditionings and memories, which project a patterned future.


ANHAD NAAD is a SECRET of NATURE and practice of NAAD YOGA is the key to unravel this secret and obtain access to the COSMIC INTELLIGENCE/UNIVERSAL ABUNDANCE. It is that secret that turns all of one’s desires into REALITY. And conversely, all UNWANTED things (events, situations etc) drop out of one’s life. For an individual who is sad, anxious,  depressed, ill, bankrupt, surrounded by negativity etc, the practice of NAAD YOGA can completely turnaround the situation. For others, the practice of NAAD YOGA opens up a new dimension of clarity of perception and spiritual ascension is a guaranteed outcome.


Friends, you may have noticed that we are always aware of the “outside” sounds, such as traffic, talking etc. but, we are oblivious to the “internal” sounds, i.e. the sound of the various physical and biological processes occurring within our body (blood circulation, heart beat, digestion etc). As we practice NAAD YOGA and begin to consciously hear the ANHAD NAAD within our body, we become aware of a number of sounds. These sounds emanate from various organs of our body or even from their cellular memory. In fact, every cellular memory has its own sound. We have various cellular memories within us. These memories are stored within us as VIBRATIONS or SOUNDS.All problems in our lives are created by some of these stored sounds. Once we start listening to the sounds within our body, we hear several sounds. Each sound is of a specific memory. Gradually all these sounds merge and become just one sound – ANHAD NAAD.


Since this hearing is a conscious exercise, we merely witness them without identifying with them. Thus, we become aware of our pre-programmed ancestral patterns and cellular memories. It is said “seeing is liberating”. Therefore, as a corollary, we are liberated from these pre-programmed ancestral patterns. Gradually, all these sounds become ONE with the external sounds. This is the state of awareness.


However, in the ignorant state, we unconsciously hear these sounds of cellular memory within us and identify with the ancestral patterns, thereby getting caught in the pre-programmed web of various problems –physical, mental, emotional and psychological).


Thus, Nada yoga focuses on our internal sounds. The practitioner transcends various levels of being, moving from the gross levels into ever more subtle regions. Once the practitioner has withdrawn the senses and transcends the layers of external sounds, internal sounds become apparent. These internal sounds are known as “unstruck” sounds or “anhad-naad”. The sounds are not produced but are heard by the consciousness. Focussing on internal sounds, the practitioner first hears more gross internal sounds and then hears progressively subtler sounds which spring from silence.


One has heard of Zen Masters asking their disciples to meditate on a specific koan (riddle for which there is no clear cut answer that will appeal to a logical mind). The students used to spend several years contemplating on the koan till they reach a highly meditative state and are able to transcend the limitations of the ordinary thinking mind. One such koan was “What is the sound of one-hand clapping”. The sound of one-hand clapping would mean the “unstruck sound” or the “anhad nada”. By meditating on this koan, the student was expected to be able to evolve his consciousness to such a level that he is able to hear the unstruck sound of existence (one-ness/whole/non-duality/pure potentiality).


As per SPANDA-SHASTRA, we get merged into just one sound. This sound is a MIRACULOUS sound, a DIVINE sound. Access to this divine sound liberates us from all of our so-called perceived problems.The divine sound (COSMIC ENERGY) is also known as HARI, the SOURCE. While every other sound is LEHAR (wave).It has to be understood that all ailments, whether physical, mental or emotional, are caused because of the superimposition of the basic vibration of HARI (which one is born with) with various negative vibrations picked up from the environment (which is perceived as adverse) or  arising out of genetic programming or from negative thought patterns (LEHARS)


LEHARS are nothing but ILLUSIONS, which keep us trapped in IGNORANCE.Most of us operate from a state of ignorance and become  LEHARIS i.e. we get tuned in to different sounds in different situations of life. When a situation is perceived as adverse, a wave of anger arises within us and we react to the situation by expressing it. When a wave of motivation arises in us, we become motivated and work harder. Likewise, when a wave of sadness arises within us, we become depressed. In this manner, we are  kept engrossed and identified with such wave-patterns throughout our entire lives. The result of such entanglement is that either we grow very little as a human being  or, in most cases, we don’t grow at all. In a nutshell, therefore, NAAD YOGA tunes us to the very Source of Life and as such, all ILLUSIONS vanish.

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  • A highly acclaimed master of Nada Yoga & SpandanShatra (Vibration Science)
  • An Engineering Post-graduate and Executive Management degree holder from the IIT, Bombay
  • Founder of Wellness Vibe
  • Creator of Power-Brain Music Tracks for Holistic Remedies and Sound Health.
  • Master Trainer for Holistic Transformation
  • A certified music therapist from Mumbai, with Ayurveda as his major subject.
  • Conducts Workshops & Retreats across the world, working on removing patterns, fears and stuck emotions with the aid of correct sound frequencies.
  • His workshops empower participants with the ability to remove all road blocks and to attain peace, prosperity and success.
  • A tireless researcher &a successful energy/spiritual coach, who has devoted the last two decades of his life to the quest of being on the cutting-edge of Science &Spirituality on wealth, relationship, health, fitness, and energy enhancement.
  • For the last 8 years, he’s been studying the impact of sound & frequency on behaviour, DNA patterns & awakening.