Navel Awakening Masterclass

Did you Know?
YOU can Create Miracles in your Life 
Just by Connecting with the Power of your NAVEL?
Navel is the root of our Consciousness, 
the powerhouse of our Energies!

✨ Are you tired of Meditating & doing Yoga which has NO effect on your Consciousness & Body-Mind?

✨ Do you want to grow Spiritually but don’t know where to start?

✨ Are you tired of living the same life of fear & survival again & again?

If YES, then –

Escape your boring routine of 3-D Life and enter the Dimensions of Possibilities with Navel Awakening

Navel Awakening : The Lost Yogic Secret by Nada Yogi Rivesh Vade

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Did you Know?

YOU can Create Miracles in your Life Just by Connecting with the Power of your NAVEL?

Navel is the Root of our Consciousness, the powerhouse of our 72000 Energy Circuits (Nadis)!

Navel is the source of 1/3rd blood circulation in our body!

Navel is the source & creator of the Manifesting Reality in our life!

️ Our Breath (Prana), Digestive (Agni) & Hormonal Systems are completely dependent on our Navel’s health!

Our Life starts & ends from the Navel!

And as per the modern science, It is also responsible for the 90% secretion of happy hormone serotonin, 50% secretion of dopamine, the joy hormone in our body.

One of our biggest enemies is FEAR. There is a great connection between the Navel and Fear.

Fear is an emotion which evokes negative vibes in a person thus limiting oneself to reach one’s potential.

With ‘Navel Awakening’ one can get rid of negative vibes and fear. If people are facing challenges, it is because of the fear. Fear is the biggest enemy of human kind.

Navel anchors oneself and can shake off disturbances of the body and mind and alternately release oneself from the negative ego and return to the deeper power of the “original being”, where the MIND is SILENT, the Heart is Awakened in LOVE; and one accomplishes his work Naturally Without Effort.

If you’re looking for empowerment, energy and increased will power,
activate your Navel Centre.
It will allow you to live with the instincts of abundance, personal empowerment and positive self-esteem to enable you to
reach your true potential.

Learn more such mind blowing Yogic Secrets in this Navel Masterclass!

Register NOW and start Awakened Lifestyle (Free Orientation & Introduction Webinar) –

Register NOW and start Awakened Lifestyle (Direct Registration Link) –

❗️ ️ Are You tired of Living a Life engulfed in Fear, Anger, Stress, Guilt & Frustration?

❗️ Are You getting forcefully swept away with every little situation or problem that life throws in the way of your Success or Happiness?

❗️ Tired of not being in control of your Body, Mind and Energy?

❗️ Struggling to Sustain your Job, Income, Success, Savings, Business, even Relationships?


⚡ After a decade of success and having impacting more than 1,00,000 lives, we bring you ultimate step for discovering your hidden potential!

A sure way to Remove Fear & Stress with Siddha as well as Scientific Awakening through Navel!

The Sustained Success comes in your Life when your
Head – Heart & Hara comes in Alignment!

Navel Awakening is your Pathway towards Abundance, Inner Peace & Prosperity.

It will help you change your Frequency from
Scarcity to Prosperity, Illness to Wellness & Effort to Effortlessness.

With Special Giveaways

✓ 3 Days of Navel Awakening Webinar

✓ Navel Awakening Process

✓ Navel Alignment Track

✓ DNA Activation Process

✓ DNA Sutra

✓ DNA Success Code Guided Meditation

✓ DNA Blueprint E-Book

✓ Recording of the Webinar

✓ Q&A with the Master

✓ Lifetime Community Support

Register NOW and start Awakened Lifestyle (Free Orientation & Introduction Webinar) –

Register NOW and start Awakened Lifestyle (Direct Registration Link) –

Key Takeaways –


Let us tell you the ULTIMATE SECRET!

If you deeply introspect you will find various patterns repeating over and over again,
irrespective of how hard you try, possibly in regard to your – Health, Success & Failure, Career,
Relationships, Finances, Happiness etc. not allowing you to operate at your highest potential!

Activating our Navel to the highest frequency means that we are using higher and higher percentages of our Universal Power.

Since the last thousands of years, our Yogic & Vedic Scriptures have been telling us that our NAVEL
is the primary source of our Spiritual Awakening!

Rather than being a victim of circumstance, or having a DNA expression that is the result of living in an environment based on a paradigm of fear, we have the potential to stand outside the box and express our DNA to its highest potential with the NAVEL!

Miracles happen in your Life when What you THINK, What you FEEL & What you DO comes in a ORDER!

And this is what happens in the Navel Awakening!

Your Life is NO more the same  after your Navel becomes Active.

Navel allows you to become FREE from all the FEAR, WORRY, INSECURITY & DOUBT from your LIFE.

Not just that but this is just the Beginning of your Spiritual Growth,
Financial ProsperityHarmony in Relationships & Well-Being in Health!

YOU can Create FREEDOM in your Life 
Just by Connecting with the Universal Power of your NAVEL!

Register NOW and start Awakened Lifestyle (Free Orientation & Introduction Webinar) –

Register NOW and start Awakened Lifestyle (Direct Registration Link) –

How can Navel Awakening help you?

“The energy words that Rivesh speaks are designed to clear karmic blocked energy from life that limits us, realign energy circuits; balance body, mind and spirit; open the heart into eternal love & bliss.”

✓ Learn the secret of effortless Success & Meditation

✓ Navel Awakening allows you to be free from all the worries of lifetimes – past, present & future and prepares you for the ultimate path of Self-Realization & Liberation

✓ Learn the secret of expanding Consciousness and start thinking from Navel

✓ Balance your Divine Feminine & Masculine Energies

✓ Grow in Love & Bliss & start to really Forgive & Accept Yourself!

✓ Learn the secrets of Navel & Cleansing of Karmic Bondages

✓ Get Rid of Fear, Depression, Conflicts & Financial worries

✓ Develop Head – Heart & Hara Alignment

And much more!

Discover the secret Yogic Path to Effortless Expansion and Experiencing Nothing-Ness with the Universal Consciousness

When: 3 Days Live Masterclass

Time: 7pm to 9pm, all days

Venue: Live on ZOOM (Stay Home, Stay Safe)

Contact for more details –

So what are you waiting for?

Here’s 5 main reasons why anyone would want to live an Awakened Life with Navel

Mental, emotional clarity and Freedom from Fear, Depression, Conflicts and Financial worries

Removes Karmic blockages and aligns your head, heart and navel centers allowing you to harness your highest potential

Balances various emotional and physical problems with effortless expansion of consciousness

Develops healthy relationship with self and others by balancing the Divine Masculine & Feminine energies within

Growth in Love, Prosperity, Bliss & Ecstacy

What about you? Do any of these reasons resonate with you?

As much as it sounds Spiritual…it is Highly Scientific!

If you realize that an Awakened Living may be something you are interested in, we are here to walk this journey with you!

Do not DELAY!

Register NOW and start Awakened Lifestyle (Free Orientation & Introduction Webinar) –

Register NOW and start Awakened Lifestyle (Direct Registration Link) –

Contact for queries –

Very rare people get the chance to Awaken their Navel and you can be one of those rare human beings who can take Action NOW and start working on your Spiritual Awakening which in turn benefits in your Finances, Health, Career, Relationships & Quality of Life!

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