Mauli Awakening Hub

🛑 Join the Mauli Awakening Hub! 🛑


👥 How cool it will be if we have our own private network for BodhMarga & Wellness Family?

♥️ Our own private hub where we can meet regularly, nurture, interact, discover new members and grow Spiritually towards Mauli Awakening

🎁 What happens inside the hub?

✓ Nurturing & Value Content for your Happiness Awakening in our Private Hub

✓ Personal Mentoring by Nada Yogi Rivesh Vade for the Hub ONLY Members

✓ Start your digital journey towards Awakening

✓ Grow your vibrations with Digital Satsang

✓ Express your creativity, discover & interact with like-minded people and create memories for life time!

📱 You get access to this private Mauli Awakening Network when you register for our Paid Programs & Shibirs.

📷 This Hub is Private & only for students of BodhMarga & Wellness Vibe.