Learn Vitthal Kriya as per Dnyaneshwari & Nada Yoga

“Human Body is the Ultimate Place for Awakening” says Nada Yogi Vibhushri


Learn the Evolutionary & Rare ‘Vitthal Nada Kriya from Nada Yogi Vibhushri (Rivesh Vade)
📍 Scientific Research now shows chanting Vitthal has immediate changes in the Cardiovascular Health & Enhances the functioning of the Heart & Energy System
Let us tell you the exact way to induce the name of Vitthal Nada.

Vitthal Nada Yoga:

The very sound made by the word “Vitthal” leads the one who utters it to the inner world. In fact, Yogic Chanting has always been recognized as the first step towards meditation and spiritual growth. It also helps in maintaining health and well-being. In fact, recent research has indicated that chanting “Vit-TThal” loudly, while being in yogic posture, can lead to a stable heart rate, lower blood pressure, improved blood circulation, increased production of endorphins and aids metabolic process. Chanting can also help to focus the mind, which in turn alleviates stress levels. At BodhMarga, one is taught to chant Vitthala in a specific and accurate manner so as to derive maximum benefit from the emanating sound. This helps the person to remain rooted in his spiritual practice or sadhana.


It is noticed that just after a few minutes of chanting, one gradually develops similar sound vibrations within. Once this practice is continued for a longer time, one will be able to hear the Anahata, or the inner sound. In the path of Vitthal Nada Yoga, one eventually goes within and communes with the deep inner sounds of the chakras, including the great AUM sound.


Learn the secret and evolutionary Kriya-AKriya Yoga from the Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Lineage (Nath Tradition) for Awakening the Divine Love, Awareness & elevate your Spiritual Growth as explicitly mentioned in the Haripath & Dnyaneshwari.
• Learn the secret and evolutionary Nada Yoga 🎵 & Kriya Yoga 🧘 from the Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Lineage (Nath Tradition) as explicitly mentioned in the Haripath & Dnyaneshwari.
• A hidden & powerful Yogic Kriya 🧘 which helps us to activate our Kundalini Energy 🔋, elevate our Spiritual Growth & helps one attain the self-realization of Hari, Advaita state & return to the natural state of love and bliss.
• The Kriya🧘 helps us to raise our Awareness, Consciousness in tune with Divine Love & Devotion (Gyanottar Bhakti Movement as taught by Dnyaneshwar Mauli)
• It balances the nervous system, vagus nerve, chakra systems, helps remain rooted in the Navel
• Improves body sensations, cognitive abilities, memory intelligence 🧠, removes emotional imbalances such as Fear 😨, depression 😔, anxiety 😟, overthinking 🤔, elevates immunity & vitality, balances digestive and reproductive systems
• Improves the five senses, left-right brain synchronization, body-mind awareness and helps to balance all the physical, emotional, mental and energetic systems of the body.
• And much more!

Vitthal Naam Research Expert Talks On Vitthal Kriya –


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