Right from childhood, we are told that life is a struggle, and that it’s a battle-field out there. This is where the race begins and our parents and the society at large, prepare us for the ‘battle-field’. Nowadays, the race starts for the parents even before the child is conceived and for the child as soon as it starts understanding language and comprehending instructions. A lot of emphasis is laid on ‘doing’/effort and the child is programmed to believe that it’s a battle-field, where the ‘individual’ is pitted against the ‘world’, which includes people and circumstances.

The result of such early programming is that, when the outside situation is perceived as favorable, we are happy. Conversely, when we perceive the outside circumstances as unfavorable, misery sets in and we engage ourselves in ‘fixing’ the situation.

It’s a vicious cycle of a never-ending delusion. From the cradle to the grave, we are caught in an undulating graph of moments of happiness and sorrow and the drama accompanying these states. So, our life is on an auto-mode, where our mood/state is dictated by outer circumstances/people and in order to be ‘happy’, we need to keep up the effort of ‘fixing’ these factors. An appropriate analogy here would be that of a dog chasing its own tail.

In fact, often when we are ‘happy’, we intuitively know that ‘sorrow’ is just round the corner and we get into a state of preparedness. Through experience, we learn that the ‘high’ state of happiness and its opposite ‘low’ state of sorrow are like two extremes of a pendulum and they are bound to follow each other.

What we are all innately seeking then is a constant state of pleasantness, which doesn’t have any opposite. In other words, to be at ‘ease’, which means free of ‘dis-ease’, literally and figuratively. This state is more in the nature of a home-coming or an inward-journey. In this state, life is effortless and it just flows.

Anyways, all the vital functions that ensure survival of the body viz. breathing, digesting, assimilation, circulation etc. is on auto mode. Existence has not entrusted us with these functions. Leave alone the cosmos, even the highly sophisticated human machinery is proof enough of a higher intelligence at work.

Life longs for itself. It is a misconception that we ‘are’ living. Rather, it would be more appropriate to say that we ‘are being’ lived. Life is happening every moment and it is only we human beings, who are deluded into believing that our lives depend on our ‘doing’ or ‘effort’. In this process, we get disconnected from the higher intelligence that is orchestrating the entire creation. In fact, we are also disconnected from our own being and are entangled in our own drama at the mental, emotional and psychological levels.

According to the yogic tradition, there are three Granthis, which means energy knots or blocks in our personality, where the energy and consciousness interact and manifest in a particular way. Granthi is any one of the 3 common blockages in the central pathway (Sushumna Nadi) preventing the full ascent of the serpent power.

It is said that the three knots are symbolic representations of the tests laid down by the three Gods, viz. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, before permitting the Sadhaka to transcend the cycle of birth and death. In other words, in order to escape the vicious trap of ‘high’ and ‘low’ states i.e to straighten the curve and transcend the cycle, we have to untie these Granthis.


Brahma Granthi

Brahma Granthi is the lowest knot and covers the area of Muladhara and Svadhisthana chakras. It is also known as the Perineal knot.This is the manifest force of life and creation. It holds our consciousness at the level, which is related to desires of the physical dimensions like sensuality, sex, procreation and instinctive urge to survive. Once this is removed, kundalini rises beyond Muladhara and Svadhisthana chakras, without being bogged down by the attractions to which our consciousness is hooked.

Vishnu Granthi

Vishnu Granthi is the second knot, which covers the area between Manipuraka, Anahata and Vishuddhi chakras. It is also known as the Navel knot or the Hridhay Granthi

Rudra Granthi

Rudra Granthi  is the third knot, which covers the areas of Ajna and Sahasrara chakras. It is also known as the Forehead knot

Mahamarmas: Major Energy Centers in the Body


Mahamarmas: Bringing The Values of the Three Mahamarmas Together to Support Your Healing in the Highest Way

Maha means ‘large’ or ‘great.’ Mahamarmas are the three major marma points of vital life force, or three major energy centers, located as Sthapati (head), Hridaya (heart) and Basti (gut) maha marmas.

Marma points are subtle energy points in the body, points of vital life force. When these energy points are healthy and open, free flowing energy, or prana, naturally stream through the body freely. However, when imbalances in the body block the free-flowing movement of this energy, stagnation can result which may lead to physical and mental uneasiness and, finally, disease.

Sthapati mahamarma, the first of the three major energy centers, is located in the head. The energy in this center is completely directed toward the relative level of creation. The senses of perception looking out into the manifest world are connected to sensory cortices which process the information received. Then the data is analyzed and synthesized by the prefrontal cortex.

Even the voice and throat are designed to interact with the external world. The mouth has the interesting status of being a structure which is basically oriented outward, but which functionally draws that information into realm of the two more inwardly directed maha-marmas.

Hridaya mahamarma, the second major energy center, is located in the chest area. It acts as the liaison between the outwardly-oriented head area and the inwardly-oriented intelligence of the gut area. The heart speaks the universal language of feeling and translates between what is understood as Divine cognition from the Source of creation and relative understanding of the conscious mind. The heart mahamarma blesses the body as the balancer between the inward and outward strokes of consciousness in the body.

Basti mahamarma, the third major energy center, is located in the gut area. The gut area has about half as many neural connections as the brain. Profound, abstract, and deeply wise thinking takes place in this area. The function of the gut is to break our food into its smallest possible portions, to be then recreated as the body. This process also breaks our experience into its most abstract portions. The gut area is expert in moving awareness away from the relative material level of life to the Source of Creation. Instead of communicating by speech, it communicates from pure intention.

The healing brings the values of the three Mahamarmas together as a coherent team to support your healing in the highest way. It provides a stable foundation for the advancement of your life through wisdom, through understanding and through the strength to choose the path of dharma, the path of righteousness.

All virtual futures satisfy, but the question is when? All actions lead back to complete union with the Creator, but on a straight path or on a winding path?

So the question is not whether you will attain your life goals, but will it happen laboriously or efficiently? The slower path reveals more detail, while the faster path yields greater results. Detail satisfies the mind, results satisfy the heart. Ultimately, Being wants results with full understanding of details.

Therefore, increasing the mind’s speed to absorb details and the heart’s patience is the combination for direct access to the future which satisfies on all levels.

Addressing mind and heart is done through the Sthapani and Hridaya mahamarmas. These two energy centers, located in the head and heart respectively, integrate consciousness from the most abstract to the most dense levels of manifestation. But, this healing wants to address all three mahamarmas, thus including the Basti mahamarma in the gut as well.

Healing with Awareness on All Three Major Body Centers

With awareness on all three of these major body energy centers, I am seeing a reflective process occurring whereby each energy center is oriented toward the other two. This is supporting great integration in the body.

The integration is manifesting as a sharing of abilities. For instance, when the gut shares with the head, then the head (which normally orients outwardly) is able to extend its appreciation of the environment to include the inner subtle environment. When the head shares with the gut, then the delicate inner oriented awareness of the gut can express its reality in a way which the soul can use to benefit daily life.

When the heart shares with the head, the head is able to integrate feeling with speech. This brings meaning, and power to the ability to create order from chaos. When the head shares with the heart, the power to manifest (which moves from Source to material expression) is liberated.

When the heart shares with the gut, the inner realms of creation are filled with the warmth and softness of love, thus establishing a relationship between individuality and the structuring intelligence of Nature. When the gut shares with the heart, the eternal wisdom contained in the body and Being are translated into a language which can be communicated to all levels of self.

This healing, then, brings the values of the three mahamarmas together as a coherent team to support your healing in the highest way, to provide a stable foundation for the advancement of your life through wisdom, understanding and the strength to choose the path of dharma, the path of righteousness.


The three centres of our body are navel, heart and brain, where navel is the most important centre. It is linked to the third chakra and the element of fire and symbolizes purification of all obstacles. It is here that our emotions are stored. Till now, it was assumed that when a child is born and its umbilical cord cut, the importance of the navel ends there. That’s not true. We are also connected by our navel to our surroundings and our relationships. Our navel center gathers and consolidates energy from these factors, which in turn serves as fuel for transformation. If navel is absolutely fine, we discover positivity within us, as well as in our surroundings. If our navel is upset, we are surrounded with negativity and are always depressed.


Here are the stages involved in the home-coming (inward) journey. It would be more appropriate to say that the ladder leading to that ultimate stage of permanent pleasantness has the following rungs :-

SHUDDHI (Cleansing)

Activities in Shudddhi –

  • DNA Awakening
  • Siddha Sound Therapy
  • Ayurveda for Self Awakening
  • Digital Sound Therapy on Wellness Vibe App

STHAIRYA (Stability & Rootedness)

Activities in Sthairya –

  • Navel Awakening
  • Brahma Nada Kriya
  • Vitthal Nada Kriya

SAMAVARTAN (State of Balance)

Activities in Samavartan –

  • Shri Padmini Vidya
  • Train The Trainer
  • Nada Yoga Teacher Training Course

SWABHAVA OR BHAKTI (Love, Compassion & Devotion)

Activities in Swabhava –

  • Intense Awakening Miracles (I AM Retreat)
  • Bhakti Nada Yoga with Siddha Kirtan & Satsang
  • Pasaydaan Shibir
  • Gita-Bodh Shibir

SWANANDA (Bliss & Eternal Happiness)

Activities under Swananda –

  • Dnyaneshwari Bodh Shibir
  • Haripath Bodh Shibir
  • Bodh-Prakriya Shibir
  • Pantharaj Kriya