Haripath : Realization through Nada Yoga & Kriya

What is Haripath?

“Hari” means God; “path“ means singing, study.
In his brief lifetime, Jñaneshwar Maharaj, (1275-1297), the great and favourite Maharashtrian saint, shared with the world some of the most inspired and beautifully written devotional and philosophical compositions ever known. He is the author of the Haripath Abhangas (unbreakable devotional poems). The Haripath consists of a series of 28 ecstatic musical poems or Abhangas which repeatedly praise the value of chanting of God’s names, describe the countless benefits to be gained, and gives us many insights into the correct way to live a spiritual & material life, a life immersed in the blissful presence of this divinity whom Jñaneshwar calls Hari, Vitthal, Panduranga, and our own Self.

The Haripath was composed as a collection of verses to be sung for the praise, worship and study of the divine principle. The teachings in the Haripath are simple, direct and sublime. Contained within are the essential truths taught in the Upanishads, Bhagavad-Gita, Vedanta and Bhakti Sutras – offered to us freely, as Jñaneshwar says, “like fruit in the palm of our hand.” These profound teachings are best described by the Abhangas themselves.


Bodh-Wari : The Inner Pilgrimage

BodhMarga Foundation is introducing a unique concept of ‘Bodh-Wari’, a practical step by step realization of Gita & Dnyaneshwari.

This lecture series is designed to elevate you to the next level of Consciousness and Self-Realization so that you will reach to your Inner Being & Find Your True Purpose with a vision of universal prosperity and well-being.

The Lecture series includes the teachings of Advaita Vedanta as per Siddha’s with the ultimate experience of Bhakti with Siddha Kirtans as per Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Lineage.

Learn the secret and evolutionary Nada Yoga as per Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Lineage (Nath Tradition) for Awakening the Divine Love, Awareness & elevate your Spiritual Growth as explicitly mentioned in the Dnyaneshwari.

How will this Online Webinar help you?
✓ Practically experience the essence of Dnyaneshwari & Gita through Nada Yoga & Kriya
✓ Activate the Inner Bodh-Wari
✓ Immerse yourself in the divine power of Love, Devotion & Siddha Kirtan
✓ Start your Spiritual Awakening & Happiness Journey
✓ Expand your Consciousness & Body-Mind Awareness
✓ Find Clarity, Peace & Contentment Within
✓ Activate your Hidden Potential & Discover your Purpose of Life

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