Ganesha Shibir as per Dnyaneshwari, Nada Yoga & Kriya

Ganesha Shibir as per Dnyaneshwari & Nada Yoga with Nada Yogi Vibhushri
Since centuries, we have been told the stories of Lord Ganesha and how he bestows Divine Wisdom & Knowledge on to us.
But have you attained & experienced this Wisdom?
Since many years, we have been celebrating the Ganesha Festival but yet the Spiritual Awakening, Mental Clarity & Life Purpose has not yet become clear to us.
Instead, the more rituals we do, we become more prone to problems in our life.
That is why it is very important to completely understand the Science of Ganpati & How to attain the state of Ganesha within!
Discover the Ageless Wisdom, Significance & Science of Ganesha as per Jnaneshwari & Nada Yoga which can truly unlock your Life’s Potential.
Due to lockdown, this year’s Ganpati Celebration is restricted.
The Ganesha Festival is one of the most important festivals for attaining the Ganpati’s Blessing & Grace in their life.
Let us understand the flowering of the Inner Ganesha as per the teachings of Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj & Nada Yoga.
The physical celebration that we see is nothing but the reflection of the Inner Ganesha which is continuously flowing within us in terms of Ganas (Atomic Vibrations).
So, how do we resonate with Ganesha which is nothing but the divine expansion of our Wisdom & Awareness?
The key lies within US and there is a specific step-by-step process to resonate with the Vibrations of the Gods & to start our Spiritual Awakening Journey.
That is why, BodhMarga Foundation is introducing a unique concept of ‘Bodh-Wari’, a practical step by step realization of Gita & Dnyaneshwari.
LIVE on BodhMarga Foundation YouTube Channel.
How will this Online Webinar help you?
✓ Seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha
✓ Practically experience the essence of Dnyaneshwari & Gita through Nada Yoga & Kriya
✓ Activate the Inner Bodh-Wari
✓ Immerse yourself in the divine power of Love, Devotion & Siddha Kirtan
✓ Start your Spiritual Awakening & Happiness Journey
✓ Expand your Consciousness & Body-Mind Awareness
✓ Find Clarity, Peace & Contentment Within
✓ Activate your Hidden Potential & Discover your Purpose of Life
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Initiative by BodhMarga Foundation.

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