FAQs for Wellness Vibe App

FAQs for Wellness Vibe App Pocket Sound Therapy –


  • Where can I get your Soundtracks?

All of our Soundtracks are available on the WELLNESS VIBE APP which you can download for FREE from the Google Playstore or Apple Store.

Listen the Demos of the Soundtracks on –

Wellness Vibe Shop

Wellness Vibe SoundCloud


  • Is the App Paid or Free?

The Wellness Vibe App is Free to download. In it, some Soundtracks are Free to use, some are paid tracks. All tracks are available to Domestic as well as International Users.


  • Where can I download the App?

The Wellness Vibe App is downloadable on Android (Google Playstore) as well as for Apple users (Apple Store).

Download on Google Playstore

Download on Apple Store

  • Are there any Free Tracks available on the App?

Yes, there are several Free Tracks available on the Wellness Vibe App.


  • Does the App require Internet Connectivity or can we download the tracks Offline?

Internet connectivity is required for downloading the Wellness Vibe App. Also, the Internet will be needed while logging in or signing up and then for making a purchase and downloading the Soundtrack. Once the Soundtrack is downloaded, you can play the track Offline on the App itself, without needing Internet connectivity.


  • How to create an account & Log inside the App?
  1. Opening the App, Click on the Account button. If this is your first time using the App, click on the Sign Up button.
  2. Fill up all the details – Name, currently Active Email ID & Password. Now, before you click on the Sign Up button, it is important for the User to REMEMBER their Email ID and Password as all your Soundtracks can be accessed only through your Email ID and Password.
  3. Go ahead and click on Sign up. Do not Log Out of the App if you wish to use it regularly.
  4. Please remember, the next time you use the App, you must Log In, that is click on Log In and enter the SAME Email ID and Password as before.


  • How do I Download Free tracks?
  1. Click on the Music Button and scroll through the Soundtracks and select the one you wish to listen to.
  2. You can click on the downward arrow button above the track description.
  3. It will take a few minutes to download depending upon the size of the Soundtrack file. Downloading will require the internet connection. After the download, you will be able to listen to the track without Wi-Fi or internet.
  4. Enjoy the Pocket Sound Therapy experience with the Wellness Vibe App.


  • How do I Purchase and Download the track?
  1. Click on the Music Button and scroll through the Soundtracks to select which ones to purchase.
  2. Press on the Yellow Bar that says, “Click here to purchase now for Rs._”.
  3. From there you can purchase many tracks in one go. After selecting the names of Soundtracks, Click on the Buy button at the bottom.
  4. Now, a message will appear that says, “Complete Payment”. Please Click on the Payment Link.
  5. It will direct you to the payment page where you will get 2 payment options- domestic (for Indian users) and international (for foreign users). Click on one depending on where you reside.
  6. Another page will open where the list of Soundtracks will be mentioned with a Buy option for every track. Click on the Buy option for the track you wish to purchase.
  7. Please enter your Email ID and click on Check Out.
  8. Now, please enter your First Name, Last Name, Email ID and Mobile Number.
  9. Now, you’ll get the Make Payment Option. Click on it, and it will take you to the Payment portal where you can make a transaction with whichever mode that is comfortable.
  10. After the Payment is done, your Soundtrack will get activated in your Wellness Vibe App within 24-48 hours of time, in the Music section itself.
  11. After track activation, you can choose to download the track, that is you can click on the downward arrow button above the track description.
  12. It will take a few minutes to download depending upon the size of the Soundtrack file. Downloading will need internet connection. After download completes, you will be able to listen to the track without Wi-Fi or internet.
  13. Enjoy the Pocket Sound Therapy experience with the Wellness Vibe App.


  • Why is the App buffering at Sign up?

It is because your account with this Email ID is already Signed up. Please Log In directly, that is instead of Sign up, click on the Log In button.


  • What does “The Password has to be between 6 to 20 characters which contain at least one numeric digit, one uppercase and one lowercase letter” mean?

It means that your password needs to have at least one capital letter and rest others can be small letters. Your password must also include at least one number. 6 is the minimum and 20 is the maximum character limit.


  • What does “The Email address is badly formatted” mean?

It means that the device has accidentally added a ‘Space’ after your Email address. Please remove that space bar and you’ll be able to Log In successfully.


  • What if I forget my Password?

Please make sure that you at least remember your Email ID. You can Reset your Password. An Email will be sent to you immediately on your entered Email ID. A Reset link will be mentioned in the Email, do click on it and enter a new password. Now you can Log In with your new Password in the Wellness Vibe App.


  • What if I forget my Email ID?

Then you won’t be able to have access to your purchased tracks. We have to follow this strict protocol for Log in & Sign up in order to avoid plagiarism and illegal pirated downloads. Kindly make sure to remember or Note down your Email ID.


  • Why can I not access your Soundtracks via Email or WhatsApp? The process seems very lengthy. Please guide.

Our Users have to follow this strict protocol for Log in & Sign up in order to avoid plagiarism and illegal pirated downloads. Unfortunately, if we use Email & WhatsApp to share Soundtracks, Users will easily be able to encrypt and share the files without purchasing them. Also, the size of the Soundtrack files is extremely huge which makes it difficult to process and send these files individually to all participants via Email or WhatsApp.


  • Is there any other alternative other than the Wellness Vibe App where I can listen to your Soundtracks?

We also have an Mp3 Player which comes with the package of 13 Soundtracks (not less) available in the Wellness Vibe App, all embedded in the micro memory card of the Player. We do not sell only the Mp3 player individually. Please contact 8080808455 on this number to know the price and other details of the Mp3 player.


  • What is the best time to listen to the Sound Therapy Meditative Tracks?

You can listen to Wellness Vibe Soundtracks any time of the day as you prefer. The best time to listen would be early in the morning between 4 am – 7 am before and during Sunrise and Sunset. Specific tracks are to be listened to at particular timings, for example- The Concentration and Super-learning track can be listened to while studying and reading. Sun Meditation is to be listened to early in the mornings only. Specifications are mentioned under the track description.


  • Will the effects be same if I listen it with or without headphones? Can I listen it with headphones or on speaker?

The PowerBrain Wellness Vibe Meditation Tracks are equipped with the cutting edge and new generation Isochronic Frequency Technology which guides the Brainwave Patterns irrespective of your listening medium. The Sound Tracks will impact and produce results irrespective of you listening with headphones or speakers.


  • Does Volume of the Soundtracks matter?

No. The Volume of the Meditation Track does not matter as the Frequency Technology underneath the Music produces the results than the Overlapped Music. The Music is carefully produced and handcrafted with Sound Engineering Expertise so that the user will experience High Quality Music as per the Session Environment.


  • How many times should we listen to the Sound Therapy Meditative Tracks in a day?

Minimum once a day and maximum 2-3 times a day can be listened to every day for 3 months continuously to see observable changes in the self. You can also listen to the tracks at night while sleeping. Keep the soundtrack on loop and it will continue to play the rest of the night.


  • Is there a repeat or loop option for the tracks?

Yes, Soundtracks can be played on a loop. There is a button with 2 arrows to the right side below the Soundtrack. Please click on it.


  • Is there a playlist option in the track that can allow me to listen to Soundtracks back to back?

No. The App doesn’t have a playlist option as of now.


  • In which position are we recommended to be in while listening to the tracks?

The best position is lying down as it gives the best results. Although, you can also listen to these tracks while doing other activities for example while cooking, working etc. One can also meditate on them. DO NOT listen to these tracks while doing activities such as driving or operating heavy machinery. It can be extremely fatal, as these tracks put the individual in a deep trance-like state.


  • What is the technology behind the Power Brain Wellness Vibe Sound Tracks?

The technology behind our Soundtracks is Brainwave entrainment and Isochronic Tones. They are computer-generated; rhythmically pulsed beats that safely, gently and effectively guide, and entrain your brain to the most optimal frequencies. The Master has also embedded subliminal messages in them whilst being in extremely higher, meditative states of consciousness which allows rewiring of the subconscious and body-mind patterns of the listener. Our Soundtracks are not only supported by recent Neuroscientific Research but are also based upon Ancient Siddha methods and Siddha Ayurvedic techniques.


  • How are these tracks different from the Binaural or other Meditation or Affirmation Tracks freely available on YouTube?

The vibrations of the person making the Soundtracks are of extreme importance. If the artist is in a state of depression, trauma, or is an addict the vibrations of depression, trauma, or addiction will get carried into the Music. Hence, it is important to know who and with what vibrations the Soundtracks are being made, especially in the case of Meditative and Affirmation Music. Embedded affirmations cannot be heard through the naked ears, making the Free tracks even more skeptical of their effectiveness. We never know which kinds of messages are embedded in them. Rest assured, all Wellness Vibe Soundtracks are made at the highest meditative states by the Siddha Master Vibhushri and therefore are assured to be extremely effective. We have received several testimonials from our listeners regarding their growth.


  • Are there any side effects of listening to Wellness Vibe Soundtracks?

No, there are no side effects of listening to Wellness Vibe Soundtracks. As we have produced the tracks and generated the frequencies considering health protocols and developed under close observation with Scientific Research and establishment. Although as per Research, Epilepsy and Seizure patients should not listen to the Soundtracks unless prescribed by your physician or under our special guidance.


  • How can I measure the results and how many days I should listen to see observable effects?

You will be able to observe a shift in your state of being. You would be able to experience stress relief, calmness, centeredness, optimism, creativity, better connection with the self and others, more emotionally and physically balanced, increase in productivity and concentration, a shift in your environment, better sleep-wake cycles, increase in immunity and vitality, etc. You will begin to experience some benefits immediately and some gradually over a period of time. You must listen to the tracks regularly over a period of 6 weeks to 3 months and then you can gradually reduce as per intuition.


  • What should I expect? Can I expect miracles?

Your expectations could become a limitation to your experience and growth. It is a request to our listeners not to have unrealistic expectations. These soundtracks will not miraculously heal your chronic illness or trigger a quick flow of income or help you reduce weight instantly. These soundtracks have the capacity to scientifically help you repair your disturbed frequencies and gradually help you grow and cultivate them. Although, many have experienced miraculous changes and shifts in their lives; this is not the case for every single individual as the benefits and transformation received differ from person to person. So, we recommend you to become an open-book, letting go of your expectations and at the same time getting ready to receive as much. What your body thinks is necessary for you will be taken care of as the body has an higher intelligence of its own.

  • In case the Wellness Vibe App Stops in between what to do?

Before going in the solutions, make sure you have good Network Speed in order to have flawless experience of the Soundtracks & App.

Solution 1 –

In case the Wellness Vibe App stops after some time, it is because your Phone and Current Android System kills the App which are running in backround to save the Battery, RAM & other functions.

It is not the App’s fault. The App has currently no Crash Reports and is completely Bug Free. We have kept it as simple as possible.

Make sure you disable the Power Save or Battery Save Options for the particular App and allow it to run on Background.

For better understanding of this issue, please visit https://dontkillmyapp.com/, find your device and follow the instructions as stated in the website to disable the Power Save / Battery Save / Background Kill Option for the Wellness Vibe App.

Solution 2 –

Try extending your Display ON settings and keep your Device Display ON while using & listening to the Wellness Vibe App.

Make sure that you are using the App while your Phone has good Battery Percentage.


  • Can I listen to multiple Soundtracks in one day?

To get the best results, limit yourself to 2-3 different tracks per day having a time gap between them. Avoid using more tracks in one day. Yet, there is no harm in using more tracks.


  • How much time gap we should maintain for listening to multiple Sound Therapy Tracks?

1-2 hours of time gap can be maintained between two different Soundtracks.


  • What is the Age Limit for listening to the Wellness Vibe Soundtracks? Is there any age limit for using brainwave entrainment?

Children below the age of 14 years should not be exposed to binaural beats or isochoric tones.


  • Is it alright to do other work while listening?

As long as you can get work done with ease, yes you can listen to Soundtracks while working. You can listen without headphones in the background as you carry out your work.


  • Who should NOT listen to Wellness Vibe Soundtracks?

Children below 12-14 years

Pregnant Ladies

Patients suffering from Epilepsy and Seizures

Patients wearing a Heart Pacemakers


  • Can pregnant ladies listen to these tracks?

Yes, but they should listen to them without headphones.


  • How long is best to listen?

The time varies with the product but one should invest about 30 minutes each day when you start listening to these audios. Later you can reduce your time without cutting down on effects.


  • Are the effects permanent?

For better results, you must listen to it regularly for 6 weeks to 3 months. Missing 2-3 days won’t make a difference as the effects would linger. But one should not stop completely.


  • Are the tracks available for Lifetime?

Yes, after purchasing them you will get lifetime access to the particular Wellness Vibe Soundtracks.


  • What if I accidentally delete my Soundtrack?

Nothing to worry about. You can Re-download it by following the above-mentioned procedure.


  • What if I lose or change my Mobile Phone?

You can install the App on your new device and Log In with the SAME Email ID and Password. Your purchased Soundtracks will be available in your account.


  • Can we listen to these tracks on Laptop or PC?

As of now, the App for Desktop version, Smart TVs, and other devices is in development.


  • Can we connect the Phone to any external Speakers and listen to your Soundtracks?

Yes, you can connect to any compatible wire-less or wire-based devices or speakers. For example – via Bluetooth or by connecting Auxiliary cable or by Casting of Smart devices.


  • What is the Minimum Mobile requirement for the Wellness Vibe App?


The Minimum requirement of the device for one to be able to use the App is, the device should be a Smart Phone which has Google Playstore on it. And there should be a good network, Wi-Fi or Internet connectivity available till the time Soundtracks get downloaded. After which, tracks can be listened to without needing internet connectivity.


If you want more details and information, please call us at +918080808455 during office hours (10 pm – 6 pm). Or you can mention your contact details so that our team can connect with you.



Team BodhMarga & Wellness Vibe