FAQs for Webinar Onboarding Process

FAQs for Webinar Onboarding Process –


  • Where will I receive the Workshop Joining Details?

First, you have to register on the main Webinar page by clicking on the red button after which it will ask you to fill a form. Once you submit the form, if it is a paid Webinar; it will first lead you to the payment page. After a successful transaction, it will lead you to the Thank You page where there will be a button to join the Webinar WhatsApp Group. (If it is a Free Webinar, it will directly lead you to the Thank you Page and WhatsApp Button.) You will be able to join the WhatsApp group after clicking the button. Depending upon your phone number and email ID filled, we will send you Webinar joining links in the WhatsApp group, via SMS and on your Email ID. Reminders will be sent on your Email ID as well as in the WhatsApp group.


  • I have registered and still have not received an Email. Please guide.

Kindly check your Primary, Socials, Promotion and Spam Tabs. And make sure that you Whitelist our Email ID so that our Emails directly appear in your main Inbox.


  • How do I whitelist your Email inside my Mailing Account so that I will receive all the Mails inside my Inbox?

Find our Email, click on it and then click on the three vertical dots on the top right corner. The first option will be ‘Move to’, click on it. Then click on Primary. Now you will receive all our Emails in your main Inbox.


  • Will the recordings of the Webinar be made available for us later?


Yes, the Recordings of the Webinar will be provided for a limited amount of time. The Free Webinars have a recording deadline of 1 Week. The Paid Webinars have a recording deadline of 1 Month.


  • What are the timings of the Workshop?

All our Webinars are conducted in the evening, from 7 pm-9 pm IST.


  • On which platform the Workshop is conducted?

All our Webinars are conducted Online on the App called ZOOM. Make sure to download the App from Google Playstore or Apple Store before joining in. You can also join the Webinar with your Desktop / Laptop or from Mac. You can download the Zoom App for your Desktop / Mac from their official website.


  • Can I join from multiple devices?

For free webinars, you can join from multiple devices. For paid webinars, we allow only 1 entry from a single device for which the registration has been done.


  • Do I need to register again on Zoom even If I have filled in my information on Payment Portal?

Yes, while entering the Zoom Webinar, you will have to fill in your registration details again.


  • Will the Webinar be as effective if I only attend half of it? / I am unavailable on one of the days; will it be alright if I watch the recording of the missed session?

No, please make sure that you attend the entire course LIVE in the presence of the Master as this programme is entirely based on Live Energy Transfer from the Master to the Participants. If you’re not able to attend one day, you will have to stick to recordings in which we do not include the Live Meditations or Sound Healing Sessions, hence the transformation would not be as effective. Kindly make sure that you pre-book the specific Webinar days in your schedule so that you don’t miss the Live Transformation.


  • In case of an emergency, what if I miss the important LIVE Energy Transfer Session?

If the participant misses the important Energy Transfer Day of the Webinar, then their slot can be adjusted in the next webinar taking place. It would be totally the participant’s responsibility and commitment toward completing the course.


  • If I miss this Workshop, will I be eligible to attend the next one? Are there any extra fees applicable for the same?

Yes, you will still be eligible to attend the next one. We recommend completing the full course in one go. Please do not miss days as then you will have to stick to the recordings. There will be no extra fees.


  • What are the Steps to Join the Webinar?

Steps to Join –


  1. Click on the Webinar Joining Link or Input the Webinar ID in your Zoom App


  1. The Zoom App will ask to Register for Entering the Webinar


(You will have to enter your Details even if you have filled them during the Payment Process. Double Registration makes sure that only committed people enter the Spiritual Awakening Process)


  1. Please Fill Up your Name, Number & Email in the Zoom Form to join in the Webinar


  1. Click on Join Webinar to Enter the Webinar



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