25decAll Day31Spiritual Tour & Retreat With Vibhushri & MaulisSettle your Karmic Account Q&A Session with Vibhushri

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Everything has a particular vibratory frequency. Every thought, every word and every emotion. How we feel, think and speak defines our particular vibration. And we create our world based upon that vibration. Therefore we can learn to set vibrations that have a positive effect on our Success, Health & Relationship. And you can tune in to different levels of intelligence or consciousness in the Cosmic Universe thereby extracting a particular effect. There is a science behind this. It is called the Science of Naad Yoga.

To create vibrations that elevate is the goal of Naad Yoga. Celebrate the flowering of Divine Love, Happiness through Nada Yoga.

Q&A Session with collective energy of Guru Mandal.

Inviting all for these for sessions to be in presence of grace.

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december 25 (Sunday) - 31 (Saturday)

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