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Personalized & Customized Brainwave Soundtracks for Individuals & Businesses –

• Powerful Music Tracks for Holistic Remedies and Sound Health.
Body-Mind Management tracks for specific areas for transforming Health & Wellness through Sound, Frequencies and Vibrations offered by PowerBrain Technology by Wellness Vibe.

• This therapy is a combination of modern cutting edge technology
like brainwave entrainment, sound therapy, along with the
ancient natural healing methods.

Infrastructure – Individual Soundtracks & Corporate Packages can be Assigned & Customized on Wellness Vibe App for Digital Sound Therapy which can seamlessly installed physically as well in the Corporate Facility.

Sessions conducted through Siddha Sound Therapy (Siddha Dhwani Chikitsa) (Beginners & Middle Management) –

1. Stress & Anxiety Management

2. Emotional Intelligence & Relationship Management

3. Creativity, Innovation & Productivity Management (Out of Box Management)

4. Team Management & Conflict Resolution

5. Health & Wellness : Enhance Work-Life Balance

Time Duration – Virtual 1 Hr Session. The sessions can be crafted as per the requirement and which areas the audience needs the Sound Therapy for.

Infrastructure – We have licensed Digital Infrastructure & EcoSystem which gives smooth & high success delivery ratio customized for the Siddha Sound Therapy.

The Minimum Batch Size should be 20

Sessions by the Master Nada Yogi Vibhushri for Corporate & Businesses –

Compassionate Leadership & Decision Making (Only for Top Management, Board of Directors & Founders)

For more details on the above packages, please contact us on +918080808455 or mail us on

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