BodhSeva – Selfless Service To Humanity With Gratitude


Service, whatever form it takes, is the flow of love from one human being to another. This desire to share is our basic nature. Sincere giving — without any expectation of return — breaks the boundaries of conditional love and expands our ability to love every human being unconditionally. Perhaps the best Seva is helping someone understand this eternal nature of life and helping them to grow Spiritually.


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To enhance our happiness we must share happiness with others.


Giving is essential for spiritual growth. A willingness to share what we have and to help others is called Seva.


Seva connects us to others and makes them a part of us. The barriers dissolve that separate our happiness from their happiness. Lingering moods of unhappiness or depression dissipate when our focus is on helping someone else.


The corner stone of BodhMarga’s work is to uplift human consciousness to a higher state through selfless service- where Bodh, Love, Peace and Harmony will be the governing force.


We invite you to experience the joy of Selfless Service or Bodh Seva the most powerful path for inner Spiritual Awakening.


Any skill / talent you have can be Offered for the Bodh Seva Volunteer Project.
There are various categories of Bodh Seva which you can offer as a Seva towards the Guru-Tattva.


What will be covered in the Volunteering Project?
– Training Modules by Nada Yogi Vibhushri & BodhMarga Team.
– BodhMarga Dinacharya for maintaining your Vibrations.


Whom is this Volunteering Project for?
– This Seva is an absolute Devotion for the Guru-Tattva & your Self.
– Dissolve their Separation Consciousness.
– Elevate their Sadhana & Truth Seeking.
– Dissolves impurities from Body – Mind.
– Opening yourself for Divine Love & Effortless Growth.
– Those who are looking for Spiritual Growth.
– Serve towards humanity for a better world.


Whom is this Volunteering Project not for?
– Those who are not willing to Surrender & Offer.
– This Project is not for someone who are looking for any expectations.
– This Seva is not for people who are expecting financial gains and short term benefits.
– This Seva is not for improving your materialistic expressions.


Please Note –

– Your profile will be thoroughly checked and interview will be taken before the BodhSeva Project.
– When the appropriate projects will be started, you will be assigned the tasks for the Volunteering Project.
– Only those who have completed the BodhMarga Programs are eligible for the BodhSeva Project.

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