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Namaste! We are a family spanning across borders and faith connected through a common chord – Bodh, or the awareness that is innate to all of us. Bodhmarga stands for the ‘Path of awareness’ and propagates ‘the path that always keeps us in the presence and guidance of divinity’. Conceived to ensure human well-being and growth, BodhMarga Foundation uses profound and ancient teachings of ‘Advaita’ and ‘Spanda Shastra’ (the science of vibrations) to realise this.



The philosophy of BodhMarga does not require one to have a religious background, follow any practice or Guru, chant or meditate daily. Rather, it takes you through a ritual-free effortless path, guiding the person to free himself from karmic bondages, sufferings, and move towards truth, freedom and be complete. Unlike controlling the mind and managing one’s behaviour, we let you experience your true self that is beyond moods and emotions, unaffected by chaos, guiding you to the omnipresent, unchanging reality of being – The Bodh.

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Our Mission

We aim to enhance the quality of lives of people by enabling them to return to Bodh, with a blend of spirituality, scientific tools, and esoteric methods such as ‘Science of Sound & Frequency ‘ to achieve sustainable growth, bhav & happiness.



Our Vision

We envision to grow to be a community connecting the world through higher states of consciousness, well-being, motherly love (Mauli), and abundance. Guided by spiritual tools, devotional practices and Nada Yoga, we seek to transmit the grace and wisdom of the saints, gurus and masters, grow towards oneness (Advaita) and reach a state of completeness.

Come and attain Self Realization from the current living spiritual master,Vibhushri.

About Bodhmarga Philosophy

Explore the Sudden & Quick path of Spiritual Awakening with BodhMarga

Bodhmarga Foundation for spirituality and health


Pasaydaan is the shortest essence of the Bhagwat Gita, revealed to Bodhmarga in a new way with deeper meaning. It’s a handbook of life of fulfilment, contentment, harmony in relationships, and peace in own world, also called World Peace Prayer, as presented in UNESCO.

Bodhmarga Foundation for spiritual protection

Vitthal Kriya Nada Yoga

It is 3 minutes of kriya practice against fighting fear, stress, anxiety, & various health conditions through the scientific technique, filled with grace, devotion and motherly love, this glorious path of building a sattvic community. Complete transformational journey in health, wellness and effortless spiritual growth.

Bodhmarga Foundation for spiritual evolution


Bodhopay is a clear path towards experiencing true happiness, inner peace and long-lasting fulfilment. Based on Nada Yoga and mentioned in scriptures like Vedas, Upanishads, Dnyaneshwari, Spanda Shastra and even in Quantum Physics, it is an ancient Indian system of quick awakening of the ‘self’.

MahaSiddha Yoga

In this, the Bodh is transferred to the three most important Energy Centers which are the Navel, Heart & Head in a gradual process. This Bodhopay or Bodh Kriya leads the Yogi to the Sudden and Direct Realization of the Self.

naad yoga

Siddha Sound & Vibration

Our Project Sound Health Sound Home is aimed at balancing out one’s Vibrational Imbalances, Karmic Patterns & Sanskaras using Siddha Sound Therapy. A rare phenomenon of SpandaShastra, Nada Yoga, Ayurveda & Siddha Tools like Ghosh Pushpa (Singing Bowls)


Vitthal Kriya Nada Yoga

The most scientific and revolutionary Kriya to raise your Vibrations, Increase Immunity & Bring Balance. The very sound of “Vitthal” leads one to the inner world. The Kriya has proved to Balance the Cardiovascular System & Awaken the Heart.

naad yoga

Siddha Kirtan

The ancient technology of the Saints to cause the ultimate experience of Samadhi & Ananda where the Individual Self merges & becomes One with the Universal Consciousness.


Bodh Jagruti Satsang

The rarest phenomenon of Bhakti & Devotion which happens in the path of BodhMarga easily by the Grace. In BodhMarga, this Satsang happens every Week for the Sadhakas.

Gyanottar-Bhakti Movement

Advaita Bhakti Movement as propounded by Saint Dnyaneshwar Maharaj where the Advaita Wisdom (Gyan) has to happen first and then the Bhakti has to be experienced.

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Meet Vibhushri Rivesh Vade

Come and attain Self Realization from living spiritual Master , Vibhushri

You can now easily meet and speak to Vibhushri whenever He is available during Pasaydaan Shibir, Mumbai !

Meet Vibhushri Rivesh Vade

Come and attain Self Realization from living spiritual Master , Vibhushri

You can now easily meet and speak to Vibhushri whenever He is available during Pasaydaan Shibir, Mumbai !

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